Monday, March 21, 2011


Heyyyyyyloooo followers and hopefully soon to be followers!  :D 

Emilyann here.  I was posting on my Main Blog this morning, as I am following the Facebook 30 Day Challenge via my blog.  The day, day fifteen, was set aside for me to discuss who inspired me.  I felt myself torn because I'm inspired by different people in different ways.  I ended up choosing the person who inspired me in my faith and my hunger for knowledge, but I still wanted to do a post about who inspires me in my style choices, so what better place to do it than on our collab blog?  

I'm mostly inspired by vintage fashion, because I love the classic look.  If I had to pick a word to describe what I love in fashion, it would definitely be the word "classic".  I love things feminine and pretty.  I love pink.  I love light pastel-y colors.  I love...

Zooey Deschanel.  I adore her cute, pretty makeup, her hipster bangs, her vintage dresses.  Her HUGE eyes, and adorable accessories.  Her attitude is perhaps her biggest accessory, though.  She's sweet and sophisticated, and it works for her.

Next is...

Vanessa Hudgens.  Drastic change, right?  I love how effortless her style is, and how she always looks CUTE.  If I could steal a celebrity's closet, I would definite steal Vanessa's.  She's also been my hair cut inspiration.  I've had her short cut from High School Musical 2, and her long hair you see in the picture.

Last but definitely not least, Lauren Conrad from the Hills.  She's a designer, writer, has her own line at Kohl's and is just all around really gorgeous.  Her hair always looks amazing and super laid back California.  I like how her clothes are easy, no hassle, and not crazy.  I love fashion, but I'm not as daring as some people are.  She's just relaxed enough for me. 

So there you have it.  I'm a crazy mix of vintage and modern.  Formal and relaxed.  

Who inspires you?  

By the way, a little preview of what's to come:  I ordered a bunch of things from eyeslipsface.  (Or E.L.F. cosmetics), which I plan on doing a haul/review with.  So, once I have them, and they come in the mail, I'll give them a test run and then tell yall how they work for me, kay?  

Have a great week.  :)


  1. I love the first two and I really would like to steal both of thier wardrobes! And Zooye's hair and eyes while I'm at it! =)

  2. Well, I absolutely adore Taylor Swift's hair. I'm not a big fan of her or her music, but her hair is amazing. Makes me wish I had curls.... As for clothes, the person who inspires me most, at the moment, is Jackie Kennedy during the Camelot years. Yes, cliche, but she was so elegant and had a beautiful, streamlined style.