Elizabeth S.

How do you do!

I'm Elizabeth Alison Sensing. Or Just Elizabeth. Or just Beth. Its easier to type.  

I'm 17 now and a Junior in high school. I live in Franklin Tennessee which is a little town right outside of Nashville. And no I don't live next to Taylor Swift in case you were planning on asking. It is in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in the world and I've been to Europe. I live in a big red brick house on top of a hill with my parents and six merry little siblings. 

On a normal day my life is enveloped by studies and drama but on the off-chance that I actually have free time I usually spend it taking pictures, singing, reciting, reading, playing piano and guitar, riding dirt-bikes ( Betcha didn't see that one coming ), and spending time with my wonderful friends both in and out of state.  

I posted a picture, but in case you wondered, I have wispy chocolate hair with a mind of its own, big brown eyes ( Yes I'm really good at making puppy dog faces ), and I'm so close to 5'4'' its isn't even funny. So yeah, I'm short. But shortness comes with its perks. That really cute and also really short dress that everyone bemoans not being able to wear? I can wear that one. HA! 

Speaking of dresses, I like them. Alot. In fact you rarely see see me not wearing some sort of dress or skirt. If I had to pick a "specific" style I suppose you'd call me preppy vintage with a bit of elegant flair on occasion. I seriously should have been born in the 50s. I'm that girl that will seriously wear knee highs, oxfords, and a plaid skirt to a school without a dress code policy. My favorite colors are blue and red and consequentially almost my entire wardrobe is composed of some version those two colors. I adore capes. My collection consists of two. A small evergreen velvet one and a long red felt one which makes me look for all the world like Little Red Riding Hood. Oh and I dress up for everything. Even going to the grocery store merits at least a two minute consultation with my mirror over which cardigan would go with that hat. Its a bad habit. Makes one late for everything. I wear hats at least once a week. I have 5 berets, 3 newsboy caps,  2 straw hats, 1 polka dot sunhat, and a boatload of scarfs and ribbons to wear as headbands. There, thats my closet in a nutshell. My favorite shops are Anthropologie, J. Crew, Boden, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, and practically anything vintage. Does that count as a shop?

As for makeup I'm not fancy. I wish I was. I change my lipstick color to coordinate with whatever I'm wearing and thats about as far as it goes. If I had to pick just one thing though, it would be eyeliner. For someone with dark-eyes its the perfect enhancer. Nail polish and are I are still learning to get along at the moment. I don't usually think to paint my nails but when I do the colors distract me all the time. Its like I'm playing piano.. la la la..  OH!!!!! COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
The world pauses for a moment while I marvel. We're working through it though. Perhaps with a little more counseling, I'll wear nail polish on Easter. Just to surprise people. =)

If you're still reading this ridiculously long "summery" of myself, you have my greatest esteem. Thanks for bearing with me. I hope it made you smile. 

Laughter and Song,