Monday, May 30, 2011

Two More Days!!! Oh the excitement of it!!!!


Striped Top- Boden
Lace Skirt- Boden
Grass Sands Belt- Anthropologie
White Eyelet Flats- Target

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let Me Introduce You.

Hey girls, Emilyann here. :)

I'm taking a quick hiatus from my summer series to bring you a tag.  This tag actually hasn't hit the blogging world yet, and because I'm totally obsessed with YouTube, I thought I'd use this tag to introduce you to some of the fashionistas we (the girls and I) look up to.

If you don't know, there are a group of girls on YouTube called the "gurus".  They discuss fashion, makeup, hair, nail polish, you name it, in a vlog setting, instead of a blog setting.  They have Facebook fanpages, thousands of subscribers, and when it comes to makeup and hair, they're my go-to girls.  Anyway, this tag is called the "What I love about you" tag*.  Although I don't know the girls personally, there are certain things I love about each of their styles and videos.  There are 17 questions, with which I'll answer with 17 different YouTube gurus.  Their channels will be linked!

1.  Who would you trade hair with on YouTube?  If I could trade hair with any of the YouTube gurus, it would definitely be ARose186. Her hair is amazing!  It's got enough body without being super structured, and seriously looks. good. all. the. time.

2. Who is your 'first watch' in the subscription box?  The person I always click on first if she's in my subscription box would be meganheartsmakeup. I absolutely love all of her videos, her style, and her vlogs.  She has so much makeup and clothes it's insane and she always has the best ideas.

3. Who has amazing style to you?  This one is DulceCandy87.  She's got such good style sense, and always is in on the latest trends.  She did a thrifting video which I adore.  I seriously wish I had her talent for picking out outfits and seeing the potential in pieces of clothing.

4.  A favorite guru who lives in a different country than you. beautycrush. She lives in England, has the most amazing accent, and great fashion sense.  She's gorgeous, too, her eyes are gray and amazing.

5. Who is someone you feel you can rely on (to give you unbiased reviews and honest opinions)?  Beauty4everxo.  She's really sweet and shy, but very honest and opinionated.  She would never try to sell me something she wouldn't use herself.

6.  Who is someone you think has great confidence?  Definitely JLovesMac1. She radiates confidence.  She's funny and very comfortable in her own skin without being vain or stuck up.

7. If you could be best friends with someone on YouTube, who would it be?  For this one I choose ayydubs because I think we'd get along REALLY well.  We're both crazy and we both love the same things, but we're different enough that we wouldn't drive each other insane.

8. Who has the cutest username? Hands down smokeypinkleopard. I'm pretty sure she named it after the Pink Leopard bronzer from Urban Decay but I think it's SO cute and SO original and I'll never forget it!  I tend to forget them if they're like "peacelovebeauty" or "beautyforever" just because those kind of all sound the same, but I'll never forget Alexa's.

9. Who is the most down to earth?  This is the only one I'll double, I promise. ;) But this one is meganheartsmakeup as well.  I think she's very classy and sophisticated, and carries herself well.  She definitely hasn't gotten caught up in her YouTube fame.

10. Who would you love to go shopping with?  Macbarbie07. Her style is IDENTICAL to mine.  I love bohemian, almost hipster vibes paired with trendy clothes and so does she.  I'd seriously let her pick out my entire wardrobe if she wanted.

11. Who is someone you've watched from the beginning?  The person who got me hooked on the guru world was juicystar07. I have seriously been watching her for almost two years.

12. Who do you relate to/are most similar to?  This one was probably too easy.  :P  Meaghanrosette, for sure.  The video this link takes you to is a little bit scary.  The scary part is that it actually kind of reminds me of... me.  Hah.  If you meet me in real life you wouldn't believe me at first because I start out pretty reserved.  But it doesn't take me long to warm up.  Trust me.  Especially when I'm in my element in a familiar place with familiar people, I'm insane.  I *am* Meaghan Rosette.  That's probably one of the reasons I haven't made a YouTube... I'd scare people away. ;) At least over writing you can sound sort of competent.

13. Who has the prettiest smile?  Glamourista16. For sure. She's just a gorgeous person in general.

14.  Who has the prettiest room?  This one's Kale from QueenBeeuty. She has the prettiest background ever, with the candles and lamps.  It's really soothing and really pretty without sticking out more than she does.

15.  Who would you want as a big sister?  I'd want missglamorazzi as my big sister, because she's sweet, down to earth, compassionate, and she'd be a ton of fun to go shopping with.  I think we'd have a blast.

16. Who do you always learn something from?  I always learn something from bubzbeauty. She's adorable, and really knows why products work and ingredients and what's good for your skin and hair and what isn't.  Whenever I watch her videos I learn something having to do with not only making myself look good using makeup, but how to keep myself healthy.

17.  Who has the most creative videos? Hands down MichellePhan.  She has the best videos ever and they're SO much FUN to watch.  They're a different style of videos, whereas most of the girls I mention just sit down and start filming at their computers... Michelle is more of a theatrical video. I really enjoy them visually and sensorally.  I think she does a great job.

So I tag all of the girls on our blog to do the same.  You now have 16 new YouTubers to go check out!  Have at it, and have fun.  :)  Who are YOUR favorite YouTubers?

*This tag was created by Megan Parken, or meganheartsmakeup.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

You've probably noticed everyone's gone MIA in the past week or so. Unfortunately, it's finals week...which explains the dissapearances. After this next week or so, you'll probably see a plethora of posts thanks to everyone's summer vacation starting. I plan to do a hair tutorial...
This is just going to be a quick outfit post...Can't spend much time on it because I still have 16 hours worth of finals! Blah. Summer's calling my name .. . .

I've totally been living in this North Face fleece since I got it....sooooooo amazing.

My brother takes really badly timed and framed head shots. Yummy.
Our pathway needs weeding.
My hair is really frizzy.
Posing with a baby in pajamas just doesn't work.

Dress: H&M
Blazer: Ralph Lauren

Josie Hope

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Because Pink Converse are Cool

I don't have time for a long post. I'm too tired for a long post. Frankly I don't have the pictures for a long post. So you get a short one. Just to be different. :)

And Because Converse are awesome.

Happy Thursday!

Short Sleeve Sweater- J.C. Penny  
Pink Converse- Target
Striped Skirt- Target
Jean Jacket- Target

It was a Target kind of day...

Laughter and Song,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chop for Summer?

Hiya, ladies, it's Emilyann, back for round two of my summer series!  :)

Part two is all about the hair.  A lot of people choose to chop their hair during the summer, which I've done multiple times.  I'm going to tell you, based on your hair color, face shape, and other aesthetics, what short cut will look good on you.  

For Long, Narrow Faces

For long, narrow faces I suggest a longer bob, like the one Hilary Duff is sporting.  It consists of lots of layers coming in and adds a round feel to her otherwise oval face.  Depending on the size of your forehead, add some cute, angled bangs.  If you DO insist on going shorter than Hilary's look, I suggest a curly-textured bob with layers down one side of your face.  It's pleasantly soft and sweet and makes the angles of your face a little more aesthetically round.

For Round Faces

For round faces, I recommend short, face-framing bobs with swoopy layers and bangs.  The longer in front and shorter in back look is also very complimentary because it supplies definition.  In my opinion this is the sweetest, most feminine haircut. It's also very popular as a summer cut among the teenage stars of today. 

For Square Faces/Jaws

For square faces and jaws, you can do one of two things.  The first is keep your look classic and feminine by staying with a hairstyle that takes away from the angles of your face, like Kelly's on the left.  Curls distract from her square, chiseled jaw line.  The other thing you can do is go to the other extreme and enhance the angles by getting a boy cut like Mandy on the right.  This is a more masculine looking style and can't always be pulled off.  If you're more daring in the area of style, go for it!  If not, Kelly's look is simple and elegant.

For Heart Shaped Faces

For heart shaped faces, you have enough definition in your face for your entire appearance, so a clean, minimal layered hair cut will work best for your face type.  Keep it feminine.  Also, since your face is narrow, try to get the layers to come at your face like you see at the bottom of Tyra's hair- it comes inward.  This will add a pleasing roundness to your face.

Working on the third installment, it'll be up soon! :)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Because I got this fabulous new camera that takes uh-mazing pictures.

Dress: NY&CO
Hair things: Icing
Shoes: Madden Girl
I didn't even want to edit these pictures they were so purrrrrfect. Minus the shadow of the roof and my frizzy hair. Hahahha. Right.
So this is just a quick outfit post...I had a violin recital today, so that's why I'm all fancy.
I don't have much time now-a-days, (Exams are coming up.) but I do hope to get some more informative posts up.
However, here are a few tips on eating healthier:
Always brush your teeth after eating.
Use a smaller plate during meals.
Exercise when you get cravings.
And realize that after you eat chocolate, dessert, or eat fast food, it will give you cravings. So if you're feeling hungry again, don't eat! You'll just pile on the calories.
Josie Hope.

Spring OOTD

Hey guys! It's Amanda. I've got some spring trends and outfit idea posts coming up, but today just an OOTD. :)

Button-up Shirt ~ My mom
Green Tank Top ~ Old Navy
Belt ~ Kohl's
Jeans ~ Old Navy
Flip flops ~ Old Navy (?)
Earrings ~ Kohl's

Friday, May 13, 2011

17 Days!!!!!! ( If you count travel time )

Guess what!!!! Its only 17 more days til THE END OF THE YEAR GATHERING!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!
You can say it. I'm way to overly excited. Its probably unhealthy. But in my defense it is practically the one time a year I get to see my dear online friends in person. That makes it pretty much understandable right?
O.k. then well I have a confession of sorts. I may or may not have already practically planned out all my outfits for these exciting coming events. Who am I kidding of course I already have my outfits planned out! Please tell me I'm not the only one who has actually already thought through that?

Sooo.... I want to have your opinions!!! I feel like I always tend to overdress sometimes. This is evidenced by the fact that out of the nine outfits I've planned out seven of them are dresses or skirts. Overkill much? Possibly. But thats for you to decide. I found nearly all of my pieces or similar ones on polyvore (love that site!) So I created outfits around those pieces. Do I actually own all the accessories, shoes, etc... here. Oh I wish.. But the basic idea is there.

Can I just repeat again. I. am. so. so. so. excited.

I vote everyone else says what they're wearing too. I need ideas. Wouldn't it be cool if we kind of co-ordinated one day? Or would that be so sixth grade? =)

Anyway love you guys so much!
17 Days!!!!!
<3 <3 <3 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things that are Long and Flowy...

I love love love things that are long and flowy.

Now. I'm a homeschooler. So as such... I must fulfill my stereotype and never wear anything above the ankle.

:P (just go with it.)

So! Enjoy the pictures. I'd strongly advise you to get some of these fun things for summer. Unless your a guy.
In which case, please do NOT. These dresses would just look awkward on you.
Yeah I know. I'm not politically correct.

Anyways. So I went on a shopping spree and got these for summer. They're very californian and i like them a lot. Needless to say.
If I didn't like them a lot I wouldn't be posting about them now would I.
Smooth, Lauren.

So here's my favorite. It's red, and anything red I automatically kinda love.
Below are two pictures:
1 which I edited to make sure YOU KNOW THAT IT'S RED.
And the 2nd one fails because Picnik crashed.
Deal with it.

This next one is a pretty blue-ish green. This one's my mom's favorite.
She says it's very lady-like and sweet.
So here's my very lady like pose.

..... Just Kidding.

That's a little better.
A little. Not much. But. Ok, moving on.

This next dress is like an optical illusion. Seriously, there are so many lines on it it makes my head go woozy. So good thing I'm the one wearing it, and not the one who has to look at it. :P At this point, my Chuwawa decided to join in on the fun...

And yes, all you homeschool nerds I KNOW I spelled Chuwawa wrong.

Yeah and ya'll probably noticed that my hair is gone.
Mom made me chop off my hair.
I blame it on her.
Even though I love her. Love you mom.

.... Sigh.

I feel bald.

Ok. I have a 10 page science report to write up that I should probably get to.

I have a game for you.
It's called... WHERE'S THE CHUWAWA?????????

...... This is adorbs.


Monday, May 9, 2011

I Could Have Danced All Night

 Let me start with an apology. I know I've been really silent the past week but if you look at my agenda on face-book perhaps you'll understand why. :) Seriously 5-11 everyday for the last two weeks has been completely consumed with schoolwork. BUT! I'm nearing the finish line! Oh wondrous Summer! Then you'll be practically sick of me. I really don't have time to post now... But I'm doing it anyway cause I'm way to excited to show you all my Jr/Sr Banquet dress!

My school has this thing. Its like prom but without dates. Or dancing. O.k. so its not really like prom. But everyone does dress up like that. So it makes for a nice compromise. The boys get out of awkward prom date drama and the girls still get to dress up. Win/win right? Its a nice dinner and ceremony where the Juniors bless the Seniors. Which means sappy love letters are read aloud, lots of hugging, much need for handkerchiefs, etc... Just kidding its a lovely little thing to do and makes for awesome memories. But everyone knows the real thing everyone is looking forward to is seeing what everyone is wearing. So here's what I came up with.

I should preface with two things. First of all let me just tell you it is pretty much impossible to find a modest formal dress out there. At least in a reasonable price range. Seriously its ridiculous. Everything is either tacky, immodest, frumpy, or way not my style. I know there are things out there. Some of my friends even found them. But I didn't. So I did the next best ( possibly better ) thing. I designed my own. No kidding. It was awesome. My mom and I went to a fabric store went through patterns and fabrics for what seemed like ages and finally came up with something awesome. Which leads me up to the second thing. I am a total sucker for anything that remotely look not this time period. How pathetic is that? The dress pattern I eventually picked was a vintage vogue pattern from the 1950s. And then I did make a few adjustments. I may or may not have modeled it after a Grace Kelly dress... Hey though may as well dream big! ( If you don't know who that is look her up. Amazing old movie actress with AMAZING style. Ala Audrey Hepburn. ) So thats how I came up with my design. And based on that theme I went for a whole old Hollywood actress vibe with pearls, really red lipstick, and even white gloves! (which I forgot to put on in the pictures darn it!) I had an absolute ball getting it all together.

Warning though. In case you get any ideas. Designing your own dress is awesome. Not gonna lie. But it is also pricy! I will be spending a good part of this summer working around the house to pay for my one night as Cinderella. For me, thats worth it. But to someone else it might not be. Just to let you know. =)

Wow. That was not supposed to be that long. Seriously it wasn't. I'm working on my not rambling skills. For real though. Here's my dress. Tell me what you think! <3 <3 <3

Because life is too short to not twirl. 

And Twirl.


Dress: Designer =)
Heels: Daisy
Pearl necklace and earrings: Gifts
Jeweled Hair Clip: Kohls I think

Because this was kind of a special night above all nights sort of to-do. I went crazy with my make-up. For me anyway. I actually wore blue eyeliner. Shocking right? I was excited. It was really fun to play around with. You can judge if you  think I pulled if off. That picture there is what I tried to semi-copy with my makeup. Really light shadow. Dramatic but not garish blue liner. Bright coral lips and a bronzed base. I know I don't have red hair and perfect skin like the model but for my attempt I think it worked out alright. :)

And. Last thing I promise. I got my hair done. I told you I went all out. I really wanted a crown twist idea . Sort of like this. But they told be I'd have to get highlights, hair extensions, and a couple more hours of time to do that one. So we skipped it. Sort of. I did have her do a crowning twist but I used alot less hair and relaxed the curls at the bottom alot to make it look a whole lot smoother and more the 50s era I was still shooting for. Like a dummy I didn't have a close up picture of my hair but here's the closest I got. 

You can still see the basic idea...

O.k. now that I just took over the entire homepage with my dress, I have an assignment. Of sorts. I want you, providing you have time, to come up with your own dream ball gown type ensemble. If you could wear anything. Do your hair anyway. What would you do? I'm looking for ideas for next year. Just kidding I really want to see what ideas you all would come up with. Dressing up is so much fun isn't it! I love being a girl. Right, now go! Be free! Let inspiration run wild! And call me when you get back darling I do love our little chats. (Bonus points if you catch my reference!) 

And I did get to dance by the way. The after-party was phenomenal. 

I could have danced all night! 
I could have danced all night! 
And still have begged for more. 
I could have spread my wings 
And done a thousand things I've never done before. 
I'll never know What made it so exciting;
Why all at once My heart took flight. I only know when he 
Began to dance with me I could have danced, 
danced, danced all night! 

Laughter and Song.