Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chop for Summer?

Hiya, ladies, it's Emilyann, back for round two of my summer series!  :)

Part two is all about the hair.  A lot of people choose to chop their hair during the summer, which I've done multiple times.  I'm going to tell you, based on your hair color, face shape, and other aesthetics, what short cut will look good on you.  

For Long, Narrow Faces

For long, narrow faces I suggest a longer bob, like the one Hilary Duff is sporting.  It consists of lots of layers coming in and adds a round feel to her otherwise oval face.  Depending on the size of your forehead, add some cute, angled bangs.  If you DO insist on going shorter than Hilary's look, I suggest a curly-textured bob with layers down one side of your face.  It's pleasantly soft and sweet and makes the angles of your face a little more aesthetically round.

For Round Faces

For round faces, I recommend short, face-framing bobs with swoopy layers and bangs.  The longer in front and shorter in back look is also very complimentary because it supplies definition.  In my opinion this is the sweetest, most feminine haircut. It's also very popular as a summer cut among the teenage stars of today. 

For Square Faces/Jaws

For square faces and jaws, you can do one of two things.  The first is keep your look classic and feminine by staying with a hairstyle that takes away from the angles of your face, like Kelly's on the left.  Curls distract from her square, chiseled jaw line.  The other thing you can do is go to the other extreme and enhance the angles by getting a boy cut like Mandy on the right.  This is a more masculine looking style and can't always be pulled off.  If you're more daring in the area of style, go for it!  If not, Kelly's look is simple and elegant.

For Heart Shaped Faces

For heart shaped faces, you have enough definition in your face for your entire appearance, so a clean, minimal layered hair cut will work best for your face type.  Keep it feminine.  Also, since your face is narrow, try to get the layers to come at your face like you see at the bottom of Tyra's hair- it comes inward.  This will add a pleasing roundness to your face.

Working on the third installment, it'll be up soon! :)



  1. Thank you for telling me the shape of my face ;) And I know you'll get an email and be like OHHH SOMEONE COMMENTED and then you'll be all disappointed because it's only little old Lauren who you talk to all the time. But I love this post :) Very helpful. SO PEOPLE. HOW ABOUT YOU COMMENT AND GIVE EMILY SOME LOOOVEEE?

  2. HEYYYY. I was merely busy trying to find out what face shape I had. . .
    OVAL! i have no idea what that means. it's just what my mum said.
    But, lovurly post, dear. :)

  3. Heehee.... Lauren... I would have commented. But I already knew I had the same face shape as Selena Gomez Because everyone. Seriously everyone even my Latin teacher says I look like her. I take pictures of her hair the solon whenever I get mine cut! Comes in handy then I suppose. But I'm not cutting mine short this Summer. Too risky with Senior photos and such... :)

  4. This is fantastic!

    I have a face kind of like Selena (but not nearly as WOAHHAWT) so her hairstyles always work for me. Last summer I had the EXACT hairstyle in the picture above, and now I'm growing it out. (And she is too. I swear I'm no copy cat. Plus, she has the luxury of extensions.)