Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blue and White T-shirt :)

Hello y'all! :)
This is going to be a post on how to wear a blue and white striped shirt, and also a couple D.C. pictures. I have several striped blue and white shirts. They go with bright colors, basics, and almost everything. They can be dressy, or casual. Cheap and inexpensive. Light or heavy.

< Here are the striped shirts I have: (sorry the pictures all...sideways and upside down, etc.)
In D.C. I wore several of those shirts, but I didn't really take outfit pictures.

I suggest wearing the first shirt (polo) with your favorite pair of casual shorts, or anything nautical!
The second (top, right) I usually wear with a long, plain, white maxi skirt. It looks great. I also wear it with a pink skirt and white leggings, sometimes.
The third I have below in a couple pictures, but it's a very versatile shirt, I wear it with lots of things. Especially skinny jeans.

Of course, all striped shirts go fantastically with anything nautical, red, or bright. :)

I wore this outfit driving through VA, and visiting some friends.

Capris: Gap
Shoes: Sperry's
Shirt: Gap
Jacket: Macy's
Camera: Olympus
Belt: Mum's

(I just noticed I don't actually have a striped shirt on in this outfit. Oops. You also probably noticed I cut other people out of these pictures....haha :))
Shirt: VAC
Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Sperry's
Earrings DIY
Belt: Aeropostale

Summer trends
This ^^ is sort of how I imagine stripes. It's my first time using Polyvore...I like it :)
Josie Hope


  1. Your outfits are too precious.

  2. You are adorable. Like nobody's business. Seriously I love all of them!!! So cute!!!!! And your pictures! They're fantastic! :) Editing, Smiling, etc....
    Basically you're cute. Kay bye.

  3. In the second set of pictures involving you (you look lovely by the way) where did you get that BEAUTIFUL blue shirt??? I LOVE it! I googled VAC and came up with everything from Velvet Acid Christ (band name?) to Veterinary Apparel Company...

  4. Thank you all. :)

    Sarah Grace, I looked at it again, and the tag says "Nine West Vintage America Collection" I believe I bought this shirt at a TJ Maxx. http://www.ninewest.com/Vintage-America-Collection/4081551,default,sc.html
    I doubt you'll be able to find the shirt, though. Sorry! :)