Friday, May 6, 2011

I just recently discovered this AMAZING new blog. Of course, I'm discovering new blogs all the time (There is a limitless amount of them, you know.) but her fashion is stunning. I swear, she has so many different clothes, (or she's just so creative I haven't noticed repeating?) You can go follow right here....and be inspired. :)

Jeans: New York and CO.
Bathing suit top: Kohls
Sweater: Aeropostale
Hat: my friend :)
Shoes: Madden Girl

So anyways, here's what I wore today. I didn't actually have to go anywhere. But if I did I would have added red lipstick, a fun necklace, bright purse. :) In case you haven't noticed my creative use of a bathing suit top, I'm going to bring it to your attention. It's probably more than slightly weird that I actually wore it today. Never done that before, fortunately. Though it wasn't half bad.
Also, this is how my face looks with completely nothing on it. (Except a bit of yesterday's mascara?) Dare to be bare?? Haha.
The sun does this weird disappearing act to my hair. In other words...It shines right through it. Making it appear like white light stuff. Oh the plights of being blonde.... (cough.) And this is how it looks when it is properly brushed and tamed...
And my legs look unbearably short. Ew. These jeans need to hit the road. made into shorts... *Drifts off into creative jean land.*

I want me some feathered earrings, bad. Lately I've been kinda over obsessed with the feather trend. LOVE IT. So I got this cute lil hair thang. Issomuchfun. From Claire's or something... :)
Josie Hope


  1. um.. josie... your link... not working darling. Please re-share it! :)

  2. Your sweater is adorable!! Haha who would've thought a swim suit top would be a cute shirt!? Love everything!