Sunday, May 8, 2011

Terrible Poses, a mismatched purse, and some really white skin

Hey y'all, it's Caroline!  My mama, daddy, and I all went traipsing around Rome for an afternoon to commemorate Mother's Day.  We had a swinging good time, and my mom was practicing with her fancy new Nikon camera.  I asked if she'd take some Outfit of the Day pictures, and she gladly obliged.

But here's the issues with this.

  1. I am white.  So white that I could hardly look at these pictures.  Plus I forgot to wear lipstick, so it's even scarier.
  2. My purse, though cute, doesn't match my outfit.
  3. I can't pose.  I have great ideas, and then the camera goes up and I'm like a dear in the headlights.  It's embarrassing and I'm just horribly hopelessly horrendous.  Any tips on this?
With that being said.... here we go.

white white white white SO SO VERY WHITE

I just don't even know what's going on here.


A very small car.  Or maybe I'm just a giant?  Could be.

And again with the cluelessness.

Leather purse ~ Street Market in Sorrento
Dress ~ Ross
Denim Jacket ~ Old Navy
Sandals ~ Target
Sunglasses ~ Michael Kors
Earrings ~ Aldo
Cluelessness ~ Not from my sweet mama, that's for sure

And thus ends my OOTD for today.  I very much enjoyed being able to wear a dress, and I did lose the jacket for a small part of the day when it got too hot for it.

I hope you all had a lovely day, and go hug your mamas!  They deserve it BIG time!



  1. I personally think your skin looks beautiful! I would take white over the lobster-red color I am any day!

    Posing is a bit wierd (okay weird, spellcheck) for me too. I know the kind of poses I like, but I can't really pull them off. If I'm looking in the mirror, I have them down cold, but as soon as the camera goes off I momentarily turn into a gargoyle.

    I just wish I could look as good as it seems looking in the sideview mirror of a car all the time...*sigh*

  2. Whaaaa? You're so cute!!! And gorgeous. ;)

    And I have those sandals. :D

  3. The third picture is fantastical. :)

  4. Love your outfit!! Who cares if the purse doesnt match, its cute!! =)