Thursday, May 19, 2011

Because Pink Converse are Cool

I don't have time for a long post. I'm too tired for a long post. Frankly I don't have the pictures for a long post. So you get a short one. Just to be different. :)

And Because Converse are awesome.

Happy Thursday!

Short Sleeve Sweater- J.C. Penny  
Pink Converse- Target
Striped Skirt- Target
Jean Jacket- Target

It was a Target kind of day...

Laughter and Song,


  1. I need to get some converse. ASAP.
    And do an outfit inspired by yours. :)

  2. I. Have. To. Say. This.

    You are seriously one of the prettiest people I've ever seen in my life.

    And when I meet you in a few days?


  3. I love converse. My sister had a pair of pink Converse as well. Maybe we can follow each other?