Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things that are Long and Flowy...

I love love love things that are long and flowy.

Now. I'm a homeschooler. So as such... I must fulfill my stereotype and never wear anything above the ankle.

:P (just go with it.)

So! Enjoy the pictures. I'd strongly advise you to get some of these fun things for summer. Unless your a guy.
In which case, please do NOT. These dresses would just look awkward on you.
Yeah I know. I'm not politically correct.

Anyways. So I went on a shopping spree and got these for summer. They're very californian and i like them a lot. Needless to say.
If I didn't like them a lot I wouldn't be posting about them now would I.
Smooth, Lauren.

So here's my favorite. It's red, and anything red I automatically kinda love.
Below are two pictures:
1 which I edited to make sure YOU KNOW THAT IT'S RED.
And the 2nd one fails because Picnik crashed.
Deal with it.

This next one is a pretty blue-ish green. This one's my mom's favorite.
She says it's very lady-like and sweet.
So here's my very lady like pose.

..... Just Kidding.

That's a little better.
A little. Not much. But. Ok, moving on.

This next dress is like an optical illusion. Seriously, there are so many lines on it it makes my head go woozy. So good thing I'm the one wearing it, and not the one who has to look at it. :P At this point, my Chuwawa decided to join in on the fun...

And yes, all you homeschool nerds I KNOW I spelled Chuwawa wrong.

Yeah and ya'll probably noticed that my hair is gone.
Mom made me chop off my hair.
I blame it on her.
Even though I love her. Love you mom.

.... Sigh.

I feel bald.

Ok. I have a 10 page science report to write up that I should probably get to.

I have a game for you.
It's called... WHERE'S THE CHUWAWA?????????

...... This is adorbs.



  1. Love the second one - I want it! :) your ladylike pose is awesome! ;)

  2. Omg you are so cute I just want to marry you. (See, I'm not politically correct either. Win).

    But seriously, you're gorgeous, best friend. <3

  3. I have one hawt sista. Just sayin. Be jealous, ya'll :P

  4. FIRST of all. Your hair looks AMAZING.

    Second of all, those dresses are so. flipping. cute. I just want to put you in my pocket.

    I love you! :D :D