Saturday, May 14, 2011

Because I got this fabulous new camera that takes uh-mazing pictures.

Dress: NY&CO
Hair things: Icing
Shoes: Madden Girl
I didn't even want to edit these pictures they were so purrrrrfect. Minus the shadow of the roof and my frizzy hair. Hahahha. Right.
So this is just a quick outfit post...I had a violin recital today, so that's why I'm all fancy.
I don't have much time now-a-days, (Exams are coming up.) but I do hope to get some more informative posts up.
However, here are a few tips on eating healthier:
Always brush your teeth after eating.
Use a smaller plate during meals.
Exercise when you get cravings.
And realize that after you eat chocolate, dessert, or eat fast food, it will give you cravings. So if you're feeling hungry again, don't eat! You'll just pile on the calories.
Josie Hope.


  1. the yellow shoes are so sweet!

  2. OMGOSH. THAT DRESS!! IS GORGGG!! :D haha love it! :)

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