Thursday, May 5, 2011

For Starters...Summer!

Hey, everyone, it's Emilyann!

It's about that time again when we're starting to pull out the shorts and tank tops, getting ready for the heat and the sunshine.  Along with summer comes a lot of things.  Summer trends, haircuts, and tans.  I'm going to be addressing in a short series all of what you need in your closet during the summer, how short to chop your hair or whether to chop at all, and how to get a healthy summer glow without too much damage to your skin and withOUT looking orange.  Let's get started!

Must Have For the Perfect Summer Wardrobe

(1) A flowy white skirt.  This goes with everything and automatically makes an outfit dressy and summery.
(2) Long, layered necklaces.  They go with everything and take a minimalist look to the next level.
(3) High waisted shorts.  They're SO in right now, and look great with flow-y tops.
(4) Offwhite rose studs.  Too cute, and absolutely everywhere you look.
(5) Color blocking.  This is the trend of the summer, a total flashback from the '80's that you see on the runway and in everyday wear.
(6) Clunky bangles.  They give a boho feel to any look.
(7) Maxi dresses and skirts.  Another boho flavor this summer. It doesn't look good on everyone, but if you have long legs and a minimally curvy figure, this should work.
(8) Denim button up tops.  They're cute to roll up, or leave open, or even tie in front.  If you choose to wear it in jeans, don't try to match denims.  A dark wash looks good with a middle to lighter wash.
(9) Gladiator sandals.  These were around last summer as well, but they're still very much a must-have in a summer wardrobe.
(10) Feather earrings.  The more colorful the better. Feathers anyway are very in.
(11) A turquoise ring.  These are adorable and add flair instantly.
(12) A white sundress.  You'll see these dresses in every store window, from New York & Co. to Vanity.
(13) A leather messenger bag.  Preferably with a shoulder AND hand strap.
(14) A pair of Ray-Bans.  Very hipster, and there are inexpensive dupes everywhere.
(15) Boyfriend jeans.  They look amazing with a nice pair of pumps, or even embellished flats.
(16) Nude heels. An essential for the female closet.
(17) A sun hat.  The floppy ones are the best.  They protect your skin, shield your face and look very sweet.
(18) Anything floral.  The more vintage feeling the better.
(19) - (20) Sperry's and TOM's.  They're equally as popular so take your pick! I personally love TOMs because every pair you purchase, a pair goes to a needy child in another country who doesn't have any shoes.  Awesomeness.
(21) Boyfriend blazer.  You can get these at thrift stores and vintage shops for CHEAP.  They look good over tank tops and band t-shirts, flowy dresses and rompers.  It's a safe bet that if your outfit seems to be lacking something, add the blazer and it could just spice up your look the way you want it to.
(22) An oversize clutch.  It's a bit impractical if you carry a lot of things in your purse, but for a night out, rather than an everyday purse, it's very cute.
(23) Wedges. These never go out of style and they're great gateway heels because they're pretty easy to walk in if you're not used to walking in pumps.

So are you excited for summer yet?! :D  Next installment coming soon. 


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  1. Oh my word! Love love this post! And soooo excited for Summer!!!

  2. Oh dear.

    My wallet just started screaming at me to use it.

    This is fantastic.

  3. Hey, thanks! My summer wardrobe is tiny, so this has given me some ideas how to expand it. =]

  4. Y'all have an amazingg sense of style! Love it and love this just got yourselves a new follower! =)