Friday, May 6, 2011

Traveling Tips

Hey y'all!  It's Caroline.

Because I live in Europe, my family and I go on weekend trips every once in a while.  Not to mention, I've grown up living far from family and often have to live out of a suitcase for a month or two at a time.

I often forget to pack things, but I'm getting better.  I have a few travel tips to share for all you stylin' ladies.

     {one} Carry salt packs in your purse.  This was a recent idea that I had, but I think it's fantastic!  Grab extra salt packs at restaurants and movie theaters and carry them around.  This way, you can just add water and make one of my DIY salt tricks on the go.

     {two}  Roll up your socks and your underwear tightly and put them in your suitcase last.  You can stuff them into extra pockets of space, and even tuck them inside your shoes!

     {three}  Use big Ziploc bags to put folded t-shirts in, and then close them part of the way.  Squeeze ALL of the air out.  Now you have a perfectly flat bag that you can line your suitcase with.  This works best with clothes that don't wrinkle easily, or are easy to iron.

     {four}  Pack all of your toiletries, even the ones you'll use before you leave the house, the day before you leave.  That way you can go through your whole regimen for an entire day and morning as you normally would, and this way you'll be able to know, in advance, if you've neglected to put something in the toiletry bag.  

     {five}  For long necklaces that get tangled, use straws!  Take some scissors and cut the straw to the length you need it, and then string the necklace through the straw and clasp it.  This way, your necklaces will remain straight and tangle-free.

     {six}  I'm always collecting little makeup bags.  That way, you can know where each thing is and just stuff the little bags in empty spaces.  For instance, the red leather bag is for my blush, powder, and eyeshadow quads.  The blue and brown bag is for my mascara and eyeliner, and the green bag is for my foundation.

     {seven}  Pack clothes that are on a similar color-scheme.  Bring a bunch of pieces; never just outfits.  This way you can wear the same things over and over, while at the same time looking different because you've mixed and matched.

     {eight}  If you're bringing some heels with you, wear the ones that take up the most space!  I prefer to dress up when I fly or take a train, so this isn't a problem for me.  I wore stilettos on my last plane trip!  This won't work for everyone, but if you can, it certainly helps with finding space in your bag.

     {nine}  Pack a good carry-on.  I keep some sort of clothes-change in my carry-on in case of lost luggage.  You need something to get you by until you can get your suitcase or until you can buy some new clothes.

     {ten}  Tape lids.  I always put tape around the lids of any liquid products I bring, even if they're in a separate bag.  They haven't popped open once since I've started doing this.

     {eleven}  This one is specifically for airplane travel.  Before you go through the hassle of security, go ahead and take out your laptop, your baggie of liquids, and your i.d. before you go through the line.  Also remove any hats, scarves, or shoes you are wearing so that you can just throw things in the bin without holding up the line.

That's all for now folks!  If you have any travel questions, just ask!  I'm happy to answer.


  1. Great tips! I love the straw idea to keep necklaces from tangling!!!

  2. Awesome tips! I'm going to China next year, so I'll definitely have to use some of these! :)