Friday, May 13, 2011

17 Days!!!!!! ( If you count travel time )

Guess what!!!! Its only 17 more days til THE END OF THE YEAR GATHERING!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!
You can say it. I'm way to overly excited. Its probably unhealthy. But in my defense it is practically the one time a year I get to see my dear online friends in person. That makes it pretty much understandable right?
O.k. then well I have a confession of sorts. I may or may not have already practically planned out all my outfits for these exciting coming events. Who am I kidding of course I already have my outfits planned out! Please tell me I'm not the only one who has actually already thought through that?

Sooo.... I want to have your opinions!!! I feel like I always tend to overdress sometimes. This is evidenced by the fact that out of the nine outfits I've planned out seven of them are dresses or skirts. Overkill much? Possibly. But thats for you to decide. I found nearly all of my pieces or similar ones on polyvore (love that site!) So I created outfits around those pieces. Do I actually own all the accessories, shoes, etc... here. Oh I wish.. But the basic idea is there.

Can I just repeat again. I. am. so. so. so. excited.

I vote everyone else says what they're wearing too. I need ideas. Wouldn't it be cool if we kind of co-ordinated one day? Or would that be so sixth grade? =)

Anyway love you guys so much!
17 Days!!!!!
<3 <3 <3 


  1. Oh, you make me really wish I was going! But if I was, you can be sure I would have my outfits all planned out, too. =] I love both of your sunday outfits - they're so darling!

  2. Oh my word!! Those are adorable!!!!!! Like...extremely. :D
    I must ask...what sites did you get those from??? :D

    I hope you have tons of fun at the EOTYG! ;)


  3. I got excited butterflies reading this post :D DUUUH I've already started planning out my outfits!!!!! I'm going to do an outfit of the day every day I'm there and add them to one ginormous post :D

  4. I love how you love skirts. :):):):) ADORABLE STUFF, by the way. :)

    And WHERE IN THE WORLD DO YOU FIND SO MANY CUTE AND MODEST DRESSES? hahaha it's always sooooo hard for me to find them. They're cute, but too low most of the time. agh.


  5. Ohmygoshh. Adorable! I'm jealous of your hershey park one! :)(One, I love the outfit, two, I can't go. :P ) BUT. I love it. :)

  6. Well of course. I have planned all my outfits out, and sketched them in my notebook, instead of poly-vore-ing. :) I too, love dressing up and planning it all out. :) 16 days!

  7. Haha! Thank you all! I see I'm well at home with all of you! As to where I got everything. Well I don't actually have everything in those pictures. Usually just the dress/skirt or something similar but I'll try my best to identify everything I own and tell you where it came from.

    Bowling polka dot dress-modcloth
    Dance dress-vintage
    Cowboy boots-gift from a friend
    Braided belt-gap
    Friday's skirt-anthropologie
    Clock necklace-modcloth
    Gettysburg skirt-talbots
    White Shirt-talbots
    Black leather flats-talbots
    (Belt same as before)
    Paris dress-modcloth
    Sunday morning dress-anthropologie
    Sunday evening skirt-lands end
    Sunday evening cardigan-modcloth
    Hershey park shorts-anthropologie
    Pink top-topshop
    Drive home jean shorts-gap
    Striped top-boden

    There you have it! So basically my 4 go-to stores for modest clothes are anthropologie, modcloth, talbots, and boden. I do know these all can get into the pricy realm so here's my tip.

    -First of all if you find something modest, well made, and that you really love I suggest buying it. I hold onto the belief that its better to have a smaller closet of nice well made modest things than a huge one with tons of cheaply made, questionable-as-to-weather-mother-will-let-you-out-of-the-house-in-it-stuff.

    -Second if you know what sorts of brands tend to have the stuff you like then keep an eye out on places like ebay, thrift stores, and the like for items from their brands. That way you can still get the style/modesty but hopefully without such a huge cut from your wallet. There. There's my two cents worth. Like 15 days ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!