Hi, girls! I'm Emilyann! :)

I'm seventeen and I live in Iowa, but I'm originally from California. I started at Veritas Press four years ago and met these amazing girls who I now have a beauty blog with. I really enjoy makeup and fashion and I feel blessed to have an opportunity to share it with these girls and with you.

I would describe my style as scatterbrained.  However, I like to use masculine looking items and turn them into feminine outfits. I really like everything boho and 90's grunge. My closet reflects me: crazy and spontaneous. I have brown, almost black, hair and army green eyes. I'm nearly 5'4" so I guess that makes me pretty short.

Outside of makeup and fashion, I love writing and singing. I would love to write a novel some day, as well as become a singer songwriter and tour the world.

You can find me at these places:

Instagram: emilyannpaige

Adios muchachos!