Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let Me Introduce You.

Hey girls, Emilyann here. :)

I'm taking a quick hiatus from my summer series to bring you a tag.  This tag actually hasn't hit the blogging world yet, and because I'm totally obsessed with YouTube, I thought I'd use this tag to introduce you to some of the fashionistas we (the girls and I) look up to.

If you don't know, there are a group of girls on YouTube called the "gurus".  They discuss fashion, makeup, hair, nail polish, you name it, in a vlog setting, instead of a blog setting.  They have Facebook fanpages, thousands of subscribers, and when it comes to makeup and hair, they're my go-to girls.  Anyway, this tag is called the "What I love about you" tag*.  Although I don't know the girls personally, there are certain things I love about each of their styles and videos.  There are 17 questions, with which I'll answer with 17 different YouTube gurus.  Their channels will be linked!

1.  Who would you trade hair with on YouTube?  If I could trade hair with any of the YouTube gurus, it would definitely be ARose186. Her hair is amazing!  It's got enough body without being super structured, and seriously looks. good. all. the. time.

2. Who is your 'first watch' in the subscription box?  The person I always click on first if she's in my subscription box would be meganheartsmakeup. I absolutely love all of her videos, her style, and her vlogs.  She has so much makeup and clothes it's insane and she always has the best ideas.

3. Who has amazing style to you?  This one is DulceCandy87.  She's got such good style sense, and always is in on the latest trends.  She did a thrifting video which I adore.  I seriously wish I had her talent for picking out outfits and seeing the potential in pieces of clothing.

4.  A favorite guru who lives in a different country than you. beautycrush. She lives in England, has the most amazing accent, and great fashion sense.  She's gorgeous, too, her eyes are gray and amazing.

5. Who is someone you feel you can rely on (to give you unbiased reviews and honest opinions)?  Beauty4everxo.  She's really sweet and shy, but very honest and opinionated.  She would never try to sell me something she wouldn't use herself.

6.  Who is someone you think has great confidence?  Definitely JLovesMac1. She radiates confidence.  She's funny and very comfortable in her own skin without being vain or stuck up.

7. If you could be best friends with someone on YouTube, who would it be?  For this one I choose ayydubs because I think we'd get along REALLY well.  We're both crazy and we both love the same things, but we're different enough that we wouldn't drive each other insane.

8. Who has the cutest username? Hands down smokeypinkleopard. I'm pretty sure she named it after the Pink Leopard bronzer from Urban Decay but I think it's SO cute and SO original and I'll never forget it!  I tend to forget them if they're like "peacelovebeauty" or "beautyforever" just because those kind of all sound the same, but I'll never forget Alexa's.

9. Who is the most down to earth?  This is the only one I'll double, I promise. ;) But this one is meganheartsmakeup as well.  I think she's very classy and sophisticated, and carries herself well.  She definitely hasn't gotten caught up in her YouTube fame.

10. Who would you love to go shopping with?  Macbarbie07. Her style is IDENTICAL to mine.  I love bohemian, almost hipster vibes paired with trendy clothes and so does she.  I'd seriously let her pick out my entire wardrobe if she wanted.

11. Who is someone you've watched from the beginning?  The person who got me hooked on the guru world was juicystar07. I have seriously been watching her for almost two years.

12. Who do you relate to/are most similar to?  This one was probably too easy.  :P  Meaghanrosette, for sure.  The video this link takes you to is a little bit scary.  The scary part is that it actually kind of reminds me of... me.  Hah.  If you meet me in real life you wouldn't believe me at first because I start out pretty reserved.  But it doesn't take me long to warm up.  Trust me.  Especially when I'm in my element in a familiar place with familiar people, I'm insane.  I *am* Meaghan Rosette.  That's probably one of the reasons I haven't made a YouTube... I'd scare people away. ;) At least over writing you can sound sort of competent.

13. Who has the prettiest smile?  Glamourista16. For sure. She's just a gorgeous person in general.

14.  Who has the prettiest room?  This one's Kale from QueenBeeuty. She has the prettiest background ever, with the candles and lamps.  It's really soothing and really pretty without sticking out more than she does.

15.  Who would you want as a big sister?  I'd want missglamorazzi as my big sister, because she's sweet, down to earth, compassionate, and she'd be a ton of fun to go shopping with.  I think we'd have a blast.

16. Who do you always learn something from?  I always learn something from bubzbeauty. She's adorable, and really knows why products work and ingredients and what's good for your skin and hair and what isn't.  Whenever I watch her videos I learn something having to do with not only making myself look good using makeup, but how to keep myself healthy.

17.  Who has the most creative videos? Hands down MichellePhan.  She has the best videos ever and they're SO much FUN to watch.  They're a different style of videos, whereas most of the girls I mention just sit down and start filming at their computers... Michelle is more of a theatrical video. I really enjoy them visually and sensorally.  I think she does a great job.

So I tag all of the girls on our blog to do the same.  You now have 16 new YouTubers to go check out!  Have at it, and have fun.  :)  Who are YOUR favorite YouTubers?

*This tag was created by Megan Parken, or meganheartsmakeup.

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