Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wearable St. Patty's Day Makeup Tutorial

As the "most Irish" out of the bunch of us, I took it upon myself to deliver a mean, green, killing machine St. Patrick's Day look that was cute, fun, yet wearable.  I love to experiment with my makeup, and this is just one of those experiments I ended up loving and now choose to share with you!

Obviously everyone has their own foundation routine.  I gave my skin a break today and only used a wee bit of concealer, but on a regular day, I'd do the whole dance.  Anyway, here we go.

For this tutorial, I'm using my Coastal Scents palette* which I adore and use everyday.  It's lasted me for almost a year now, and I'm not running low on any of the colors, as you definitely see here:

I definitely recommend this palette for all make up users- new and practiced.  The colors are highly pigmented and last the user a LONG time.  The only issue I've ever had with this palette is that the dime-sized colors and their holders pop out every once in a while, but that doesn't worry me too much.  

I started with a flat simplistic eyeshadow brush to begin with.

With this brush, I picked up a green from my palette (4th row from the left, and four down), and dusted it across my entire eyelid.  

After that, using the same brush I took a taupe color from the palette (10th row from the left and 2 down) and inserted it in my crease, working from the outside in until the entire crease was covered from the outside of my eye all the way to my inner eye.  

This is a pretty subtle change from the first picture, but it gives the green a golder look, which tones the "lime green" down. 

Next, I took a deeper brown, (last row, 3 down) and inserted it into my outer crease, near the outside corner of my eye, and blended it inward, still using the same simple eyeshadow brush I used for the last two colors.  

Now, it's time to change brushes.  I used a big fluffy brush (not a Kabuki, that's too big) to blend the colors together.  Don't blend too much-  it takes out the colors and you're left with a bland eye.  I just blended in the crease to give it a smokier texture.

At this stage of this look, it doesn't look very festive.  It basically looks like a gold and brown eye with a hint of green in the eyelid.  This is where it starts to get a little more exciting.  Using a thin brush meant for the crease of my eye, 

I took a very light green color (3rd row from the left, 2 down) and applied it first in the corners of my inner eye, and pulled it along the line where the eyeshadow I applied previously had stopped, about a fourth into the eye.   Then, I took the same brush with the same shade of green and applied it right underneath my water line, to brighten my eyes.

This is what makes it festive, but not over the top.  

Next, I applied a dark, chocolate brown eyeliner to the upper lash line, to the outer corner of my eye, and briefly to the waterline.  Too much eyeliner on the lower lash line, no matter what color, often makes the wearer look like a raccoon and/or very tired.  It tugs at the waterline and smudges and it's just not a good thing.  So, use eyeliner on the waterline sparingly.

After applying the eyeliner, curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara.  To go with the theme, you can use a brown or a black brown.  I used blackest black to give it a nice contrast.

Now apply your favorite shiny pink lip gloss and viola!  You're Irish for the day or for eternity.  
The finished product:  

I hoped you liked this tutorial, and let me know how it goes for you if you choose to wear it.  

Kiss me, I'm Irish! ;)

*I bought this product with my own money and was not endorsed or sponsored by Coast Scents in any way. 


  1. awww. you so cute babe! :) and i don't have all those fancy eyeshadow brushes. sigh.

  2. This is such a great idea! You guys are so cute! So when can I join?!?!?!

    Just kidding =)