Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Irish gig-OOTD

"Irish: people of Ireland or of Irish extraction."
"Gig: a term commonly used by musicians with reference to their performances."
"OOTD: outfit of the day."

First is my eye makeup. I really don't do anything fancy, just some glittery tan and blue as eyelinerish stuff.

My hair was just....natural. I took it out of a pony tail and shook my head upside-down. It's actually a lot curlier in the back, too.
{Yes. I realize that turned into a FOTD. oops.}
This whole...deal is for tonight. I was hired to play background music at a Saint Patrick's Day banquet, since I'm a fiddler.

The last picture is a little dorky. But my mum cut off my photo shoot early, due to the fact that I have an exam tomorrow and haven't studied yet. Oops. So when I went downstairs I just snapped a picture in the mirror so y'all could see the blazer. {BTW: I'm probably not actually wearing it. *chicken*}
The blazer is a vintage man's blazer. Given to me by my mother. :)
The green shirt: American Eagle. I borrowed it from a friend because I didn't have one single piece of green in my closet. Fail sauce. {They were amazed I didn't have any green.}
The khaki's: U.S. Polo ass.
Wedge heels: Madden Girl.
The blue ruffled shirt: Ralph Lauren.
Necklace: won from a blog contest :)
Bag: it's vintage. hand made in Poland by one of my ancestors, made for a camera bag! I discovered it in my mum's closet, rotting itself away. I immediately snatched it up and now I'm planning on putting padding inside and using it as a camera bag! For now it's a purse.

So thanks, and hope you like it.

Josie Hope

P.S I look so weird in this picture, I thought you might want to see it.


  1. Love your eye makeup! and you look pretty in green :)

  2. I second that. Green is a good color for you.

  3. Josie, your adorable! nuf said. I loooove the makeup. ♥