Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dressing Up The Classic White Tee.

Hey, y'all.  :) 

I thought I'd switch it up from all of the OOTDs that we've posted.  You'll probably realize that the posts I post are going to be affordable fashion posts.  That's mostly because I really don't like to spend bucketloads of money on makeup and clothes, and I bet if you had a choice, you wouldn't either.  We don't have to sacrifice our pocket books to gain our closet.  I am the bargain hunting queen and I definitely get the most bang for my buck.  But quality's important to me, also.  So I'm going to take both of those things, inexpensive fashion and quality fashion and mix them together.  Are you ready for this?

The white tshirt is classic, and never goes out of style... unless you wear it alone.  By itself it's bland and unflattering, and doesn't look high end on anyone.  It doesn't get any more fashionably lazy than jeans and the white Hanes or Fruit of the Loom tshirt.  But that tshirt shouldn't rot away in the closet.  It has a place, and can look fabulous accordingly. 

First comes the dressy summer choice.  The cool tones make the tshirt blend right in instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.  The classic necklaces along with the dress shoes possessing a slight heel mix it up, complimenting the nautical themed skirt and the Hanes vneck.  I'd probably wear this look to a barbeque, or an outside event with friends.  It makes me super excited for summer. This look would also look cute with the sleeves folded upwards.

I'm wearing: 
  • A Hanes V-neck tshirt.  ($3 for a two pack)
  • Nautical themed skirt from Forever 21 ($20)
  • Necklaces from Rue 21 (Gift)
  • Classic White Pumps from Target  ($25)
  • Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Blue Me Away ($3)

The next look is a total 180 from look number one.  I took a chance on the artsy librarian look and ran with it.  If I had to do this look over I'd probably add a necklace, because jewelry is sorely missed in this outfit for me.  You can't see, but my hair's in a fishtail braid.  Really in right now, and really easy.  Not to mention super cute.  I'd wear this look to the library or out to the store.  This one's definitely more casual.

I'm wearing...
  • Hanes White v-neck
  • Boyfriend Cardigan from Forever 21 ($12)
  • Mossimo Supply Jeggings from Target ($18)
  • Navy Blue Keds (not visible) ($35)
  • Slouchy Hat (My mom's creation)
  • Fake eyeglasses from Claire's ($8)
  • Mary Kay liquid lipstick in Rouge ($7)

This look is one of my favorites to wear because these skinny jeans look amazing with heels.  The bright blue contrast with the white pumps is gorgeous.  This is more of a casual yet business-y look, I feel like. The plaid cover-up is a bold move for curvier body types because of the feeling the bottom half of the tshirt gives.  It could easily make the hips look bigger than they really are.  

I'm wearing...

  • Hanes White V-neck
  • Plaid coverup from Dots ($14)
  • Heart necklace from Payless ($10)
  • Chunky Multicolored bracelet (Gift)
  • Mossimo Supply Jeggings from Target 
  • Classic White Pumps from Target

Some other ways to use that tshirt are to layer them with colored tshirts.  However, I totally warn against wearing a different colored tshirt/tank top UNDERNEATH the white tshirt, it just looks tacky.  Waist belts are really in style right about now, and denim jackets never go out of style.  Scarves are always welcomed. One of the cutest ways, I think is to wear a really cute dark pencil skirt with the tshirt tucked in and brightly colored heels.  Then the focused is pulled down to your legs, and makes them look miles longer.  

Till next time! ;)



  1. Why are you so adorable?!

    Love it!

  2. Ahhhhh, I'm in love with the first one. The skirt, the necklace, the shoes...everything. so cute!

  3. Um. So. You're, like, really kind of adorable. I love that second outfit. And I'm going to have to pick me up some hanes vnecks.

  4. Oh. my. gosh.
    I want the first outfit. SO. MUCH. i would wear that every day.
    i'm also getting really depressed about not buying my new dslr yet. blaaah.

  5. Awe. In awe.

    The first one? So me. I wear that pretty much with leggings and a jacket in the winter all the time. And for summer? Perfect.

    And the last one is just too cute. I probably couldn't pull it off, but you look AMAZING.

    And the hat in the second one? DARLING. (And I have a cardi just like that except from H&M. So cute.)

    Basically, I love it all. hahaha