Thursday, March 17, 2011

Summer Outfits

It's Caroline!

We're all craving the same thing right now.... our summer wardrobe!  So here are a few ideas you can be looking for when you go shopping, and to give you a bit of that summer thrill.  Plus, a few of these ideas will work for spring, too!  I used Polyvore to create my sets.

First look:  Summer Casual

This one is perfect for looking laid-back and still really stylish.  The slouchy skirt and slouchy shirt are slimmed down by a neutral belt, and we've added a matching bag and shoes.  Because this is a fairly neutral outfit, I'm adding a pop of color with the bib necklace, skirt, and pink lipstick.  And of course, aviator sunglasses are always cool.

Summer Option 1

Second Look:  Maxi dress, Maxi style

The maxi dress is great because it's perfect poolside, mall-side, and even for slightly more formal events! This particular outfit is great because it's casual, but you'll still look very well put-together.  The floppy hat is adorable and protects the skin, which is important, and the sunglasses will not only look cute, but they protect our eyes from harmful UV rays.  The rest is purely for looks. :)  But beware!  Maxi dresses with horizontal stripes will make you look wider.  I chose a simple black one.  And turquoise is a great color every year.  *Sniff....*  I can smell the chlorine already!  So bring your waterproof mascara... 

maxi style
Our last look:  Formal

This is great for an event like church or dinner, where you may want to dress up a bit more.  You never want to wear bland colors in the summer, so I picked a fun, thin summer scarf to wear however you like, and a POP put in with a blue clutch.  The rest is simple, and may I say, every girl should have a few good pencil skirts and a pair of nude heels.

Summer formal

That's all for now!  I'll have more later, most likely.  Get ready, because summer will be here before you know it.


  1. Yay summer!!! Thanks for meeting my needs here, Lini darling. ;) And gorgeous outfits. I really need a maxi dress. Maxi dresses are one good thing about being tall. :P

  2. those. nude heels. are. BANGIN.