Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hey, yall, this is Emilyann!  Here's my first shot at a FOTD and HOTD. :)

I thought about doing Heidi braids this morning, but changed my mind and put them at my neck instead.  They looked cute, and stay put marvelously.

The sweet hair piece that I used is actually from Miss Josie Hope.  I love it.  

I also did my makeup to compliment.  Something natural, but still noticeable and pretty.

I've been thinking about my specific style, and I've decided two words come to mind and stay there:  "classic" and "feminine".  I don't try anything too crazy or too modern.  I don't like anything too dark or too boyish.  And lots of pink.  ;)

What did you wear today? 


  1. Goodness, girl. could you get any prettier? I don't think so.

    Your makeup is beaaautiful. And you hair is adorable. forgive me if this is ridiculously obvious, but how do you get the braids to wrap like that? it's super cute :)

    is your sweater from target? because I just got one from target that's the exact same color and looks really similar from what I can see in the picture. and I love it :)

  2. I luvv your hair thang pretty girl ;)

  3. i love your braids! i've always wanted to try something like that...but i would fail.


  4. Aw, guys, it's really simple!!! :) I'll have to film a tutorial for yall.

  5. Pleaaseeeee make a tutorial. Please.

    I love you and you are pretty. <3


  6. You are adorable. I love the little flower :).