Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Ponderings on Rainy Day Fashions

Hello Again!

I suppose the picture gave me away. One of this days I'm going to post as someone else. Just to see how many people I can fool. Has that idea occurred to anyone else? Please say it has? Or am I just... mischievous? ;)

Anyway it rained again today. I think I may need to start some sort of study on rainy day fashions. It would be a very short one. Just three simple rules. 

1. Wear bright colors and patterns. Preferably polka dots if you have them. I always feel that cheerful colors are a delight to the soul on a gloomy day. So go crazy. I think I got 5 patterns in today. That might be a record. (Polka Dots... Floral.... Seersucker... Hearts... More Polka Dots..  Yep Five!) 

2. Wear relatively waterproof clothing. Surprise! This one actually is sensible! Today is not the day to wear those new leather sandals or that velvet jacket. Yes I'm sure they're cute. Wear them tomorrow when its sunny. Sound good? Now go dig in your coat closet for an old rain poncho or jacket. Preferably red or yellow if you can find one to coincide with rule number 1. The baggier the better, that way you can smuggle food, or books, or other treasures that aren't on good terms with the weather. 

3. (This is the most important one) You must wear a cute set of rain boots. They're like magic I swear. You just slip then on and BAM! your day just got better. You can get them at Target for like 12 bucks. I saw some cute pink ones there just two days ago.  Plus they keep you're feet dry! And I don't know about you but I can't stand wet squashy shoes. Or socks! Thats the worst. So yeah. Wear rain boots. 

So here's my attempt at following my made-up rules today before I went on errands. Tell me watcha think? ( Oh! oh! and if you like my rules! You should post a picture of your interpretations... I LOVE pictures. And ideas. O.k. thats all I got. Bye!!!

Hat: Boden
Rain Jacket: Who knows where
Boots: Target!!!
Skirt: Delias
Sweater: Target again.. this seems to be a trend....

One last thing!! Before you go!! I have a blog now! My own! I can't promise as to how well I'll keep up with it. But I will try. I will! So if you think of it... you could... give me some encouragement! and Stamina! Like maybe... follow it? But you have my full permission and blessing to dissfollow or whatever the word is for that if my ramblings annoy... Or duplicate what I said here too much. Now I'm really done. Vale!!! =)   


  1. Your outfits are really cute. Love your little use of Latin at the end :)

  2. Love your "rules" especially number 1, I always try to wear multiple patterns, rainy day or not! :)