Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skin Routine Round Three!

Hey yall!  Emilyann here.  :)

Caroline and Amanda both did posts about their skin care routine, so why not all of the girls follow suit?  I'll go first.

First of all, I have combination skin.  This means that my skins leads toward oily in some areas, and dry in others.  My "problem areas" or "dry areas" are my lips, around my nose and mouth, and my jawline.  I do use a LOT of products, but when you care so much about your skin, like we girls do, we don't mind.  The skin is like a canvas, and the makeup is like the paint.  You have to keep the canvas clean!  And makeup you change in and out of.  Your skin will be with you forever.  If you put a lot into your skin, you are GOING to get a lot out of it.  And YES I do this every night.

Don't be scared. Hah.  The first thing I do is use a cleanser.  I use L'Oréal Go 360 Deep Facial Cleanser, as pictured in the first picture.  I love this cleanser because it's creamy.  I gloss it over my face, I don't even rub it in my hands first.  I use the "squishy tool" as I call it, and rub it into my skin for about a minute straight.  The tool is great cause it has different sized bumps for a really good pore cleaning job-  I have huge pores.   Then I use a great toner (as seen in photo) with a quilted cotton pad.  (I just got them from Walgreens.)  I use this toner, wetting the cotton pad with it, and pulling the pad upwards and outwards across my face, in order to go against the grain and get more of the extra dirt and makeup out of my pores.  I use a TON of stuff from Mary Kay cause they really are the best. After I use the toner, twice to three times a week I use a Biore nose strip. Next is my Velocity brand lightweight moisturizer.  This moisturizer is very "wet". It has a watery consistency, which I actually think is good for the dry AND the oily portions of my skin.  While I wash both the cleanser and toner off of my skin, I leave the moisturizer in after I rub it in for a good thirty seconds. 

Next  comes my Mary Kay night solution.  Three squirts does it, because I already primed my face with lightweight moisturizer. This makes my skin soft and silky.  Next comes the deep moisturizer.  I dab it in my problem areas (nose area, mouth area, jawline) and a little bit on my forehead.  My friend bought me this moisturizer because she swears by it, but I don't know where she got it!  No brand name on the jar! Next comes the liner.  And this isn't a necessity, I suppose.  But I want my skin to be amazing when I'm 50, so I use line filler. Scoff all you want. :P

I use an eye mask (Mary Kay Indulge Smoothing) about twice to three times a week, usually on the days I *don't* use my nose strips, that way I remember.  I love this mask because it's cooling and makes my eyes pop.  Next comes the anti-aging eye circle cream.  Dove is and will forever be my favorite, but I love the Estee Lauder one as well.  

After all of that, I pat my face and wash my hands.  It's almost done, by now!  After, I put Vaseline on my eyelashes starting at the roots and working outward, just using my middle finger.  Then I put on my EOS lipbalm (in Lemon Drop, mmm) which I'm absolutely obsessed/in love with, and I jump into my hair routine.

I know it seems like a lot to do at night before bed, but I seriously think that this routine is what keeps me sane.  No joke.  It helps me to relax, and I prance off to bed refreshed and ready to do some reading before I turn out the lights.

Raise your hand if you're ready for the other girls to do their skin routines!! :)  

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  1. *weakly raises hand*
    Ohhhh boyyyyyy.
    Y'all make me think that I need to see a profesh to find out what's best for my skin, and you make me want to prevent aging, but I'm still in highschool, AND your routines scare me. We will see how this ends up.

  2. This makes mine look so simple. *Gulp* I think I might should be doing more...? Oh dear. Must I?

  3. Oh. Well perhaps I should actually formulate a skin routine before I tell you about it... I'll get thinking about that... But I'm no slacker! I will try to post by the end of the week? Good enough.....?

  4. I love these posts- keep them coming!

  5. I'll put mine up this week too :)

  6. You should talk about your hair routine too. During the day, and at night. I usually don't know if it's better to leave it down during the night or put it up or braid it or something.

    Anyway...... this is cool :):)

  7. Hair! Hair I can do soooo much better. ha Thank You Annie!!!!

  8. I'll just do an all around vague. that works for me.