Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pictures speak louder than words.

Just a really quick post, time flies!

Shirt: American Eagle
Shorts: New York and CO.
Shoes: Clarks
Tights: Target
Headband: DIY
Flower: Icing
Josie Hope

PS: This is the edit.
*ahem* I now have a couple minutes to write something! I need to apologize for not posting more! This week has been crazy. To the fullest meaning of the term. I've been shopping four times in one week! I have this big event tomorrow night that is a secret until it may be revealed in a post, and I've been obsessed with making what I'm wearing perfect. All details will be revealed in a picture heavy post hopefully this weekend. However, I will be gone until late Saturday night, so we'll see. Some other things I picked up while shopping include a fantastic pair of pants from Gap, a super cute hair thing for my older sister, tights, and gloves. >
I hope to do some hair tutorials, like for the look above, and a different look too.
By the way, I wore this outfit outside for a random five minute photo shoot in the snow, and cannot WAIT to do a post on it. I just have to finish editing all the photo's first. Oh, and get the enormous amount of homework I have due this week done too. I'm telling you people, school is going to be the death of me. Mostly because the girls in my science class are trying to beat the boys on this cumulative science test, and I haven't studied yet. *GULP*
ta ta for now, my lovelies ;)


  1. I love your hair, it is SO pretty!!