Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There really is no all summing title for this one... Non OOTD, Tips, Happiness, Questions?

We are going to pretend that is me for today. Kay? Because I have been bed-ridden for the past three days due to illness. (And while I wish that after staying in bed for copious ( check out that word! ) amounts of time, My hair looked just as attractively mussed, my face as pleasantly flushed, and my attire just as adorable as that lovely picture...  welcome to reality flash. My hair does not look that good at all and I'm really wearing grey shorts and a my 8th grade maroon House t-shirt with King Alfred House emblazoned on the front. Not exactly a look out of a fashion magazine. So we are going to pretend, that right there is actually me. ) Bet you just didn't realize I actually stepped out of a Jessie Wilcox Smith illustration. See, you learn something new everyday. =)

O.k. Now back to what I was actually going to tell you. 

Ebay. is. Amazing. 

Just felt the urge to impress this wonderful fact to you. Maybe it has something to do with the two Anthropologie skirts, one vintage J. Crew skirt, and yet another Anthropologie dress I just won on there this weekend...  but who knows? 

I do however, feel very victorious at the moment. Especially considering :
A.  I won them all below original price value. Always a  bonus. 
And B.  On the J. Crew skirt I beat this one other bidder by a whopping two dollars. It was definitely a nail-biter. But I came out empowered. And I have a new skirt. I suppose just four new items isn't really enough to do an infamous "haul" video but I was just so darn excited I had to tell someone about it. 

~One of them is Cherry red with pleats! 
~And another looks 50s-ish. Its navy with a white anchor appliqué. Love! 
~And the other is pink floral with buttons down the side. I'm a sucker for buttons. Especially big ones. 
~Finally the dress is a navy shirt dress with a satin sash. Can't wait to see it in person.

I told you my whole closet was some form of blue and red. 

Anyways just in case you didn't know. Tons of people list well known brands like Anthropologie, J. Crew, Talbots, Boden, Modcloth, and others on ebay often for less than the original price. How they make money? I've no earthly idea. But I love it. So if you saw something really cute on Anthropologie and couldn't quite make the cut as far a pocket money. Check back on ebay  about three months later and odds are it could be there for a lesser price! :) 

There, thats my tip of the day. And now I have a question. Its vitally important. O.k. not really but here it is. What is your opinions of merchandise from Forever 21? That sounds like a silly question, but believe it or not I've never shopped there. Ever. (Giant gasps from the audience usually insert themselves here)  But I found a couple pairs of shoes that I really like and I wondered what the quality was? 
Pretty much ever other girl on the planet seems shops there so I figured someone here would know. Help? Thanks. Very very muchly. 

And Happy Tuesday!


  1. Awwww I didn't know you were sick. ;( Feel better, my love. <3

    And you're so right. I'm stalkin' a Coach bag on Ebay right now!! :D

  2. Forever 21 has some adorable dresses, that fit really really really well, but they all have the same problem - they're just too short. So it's kind of a bummer each time :/ But if you're willing to sort through the shortness to find some modest tops, then you'll really like what you find. A lot of their stuff is wonderfully feminine.

  3. Oh :( being sick is really irritating! I hope you feel better!

    Ebay is awesome, I've bought a bunch of horse stuff on there, and I want to get into clothes but it just takes sooo long. :) You should email me some tips... ;)

  4. You definitely should post pictures of some of your winnings!

  5. Hope you feel better!
    Forever21 is okay... I modeled for them last summer, but the outfits are not the best if you're concerned with modesty. And I'm actually not quite sure what "modesty" means to you, either... (so many people I know are all about modesty and how that shirt is too low cut, and then go out and wear a seriously MINI skirt). I love their accessory scarves though. Hope this helps!

  6. Aww thank you all for the get well wishes! And for the advice.

    @ Josie Of course! I know I'm no expert... but here's what I got.

    ~If you don't like the waiting or stress involved with auctions try searching for only buy-it-now products. They may be a little bit more on the expensive side but you don't have to wait or worry about being outbid.

    ~Another thing you can do is narrow your search down to safe browsing time. Try typing in a brand name you especially like, the type of clothing you are looking for, and then your dress size. This usually really helps me not have to sift through a bunch of stuff I don't like or is too big. For example: J. Crew skirt 4... etc...
    (Then on the side bar you can narrow it down even more by searching for things like color, style, pattern, and price range!)

    ~Finally if you do decide you want to bid on something I suggest watching it in my-ebay until the last day. Then about an hour before it ends ( provided it hasn't gone out of your bidding range) I'd go ahead and become the highest bidder but I would not enter your max bid just yet. Alot of people try and snipe it at the end. So I suggest waiting til about 3 minutes to the end of the auction and then entering your maximum bid. Sometimes that catches other bidders off guard and even if they were prepared to bid higher, they can't get their bids registered in time. :) Sneaky.

    @ Caroline Haha You know what I'll be wearing next week!

    @ Kathleen and His Handmaiden Thanks so much for the advice. I had noticed that about the dresses. They are very cute and also very short. Probably won't be looking into them. But the shoes in the other hand... Those might be a go! :)

    And as far as modesty goes. I hope I glorify God with everything I wear and I and my parents strive to not let me wear anything that would lead others astray. All my skirts and dresses can be no shorter than and inch or two above the knee and and I'm not allowed to wear spaghetti, strapless, tight, or low cut tops. If that gives you any idea....
    That sounds a little ridiculous to some people. But actually its not a difficult as one would think to find pretty things that are still modest and don't look like a stereotype homeschooler if you get my gist. =)

    There. That was long enough!