Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

First of all, this may be a slightly pathetic post. For one, I'm exhausted. Two, these pictures are terrible. We can all just go ahead and admit that right now. (I CANNOT WAIT to get a new dslr.)

Miss. Caroline asked me to put up pictures from tonight. I played fiddle in an upscale bistro for their Saint Patrick's day Irish bar and eating thing. It was truly amazing, I don't regret anything! I wasn't going to take pictures, since the only time I had to do it was at night, and my little brother's less than perfect powershot wouldn't be the best quality. {Thanks SO much though, Noah.}
Dark pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow, eyeliner, pink hair ribbon.

I wore a vintage green bracelet that happened to be the exact color of the shirt I wore, I just wore simple earrings, little diamonds with gold. I actually wear these earrings more than any of my other earrings. On my other arm I wore a silver bracelet, a glow in the dark pot of gold silly band, and an electric guitar silly band, the white bracelet is a DIY.

And now for the exceedingly poor quality outfit part! ;) Pretend the middle picture is really normal, and we'll all get along nicely.
Leather purse, vintage dress pants, green shirt, black heels.

And thanks SO much Jenny and Rebekah for letting me borrow your green shirts this week! Love you two! :)

Josie Hope


  1. I love that vintage bracelet, very cute!

  2. My favorite is the shirt..something about it.

  3. Thank you for linking the hair tutorial! I love to do hair and love to learn new ways!!