Saturday, March 19, 2011

Long, Luscious Lashes

Hey ya'll.  :)  Emilyann here.

We've all faced it.  The days when your lashes don't want to curl.  The days when the mascara clumps, and even the days when we want to cut our eyelashes off, they're so annoying.  But do your eyelashes have the perpetual problem of being too short?  Maybe you were born that way, and not even mascara seems to help.  Maybe you don't take your makeup off enough.  But the problem is:  eyelashes don't grow.  Right?


Of course if you were to pull out all of your eyelashes, or cut them, they wouldn't grow back.  At least not normally.  However, we're used to our eyelashes falling out, our makeup remover wipes pulling too hard at them, etc.  Eyelashes do grow back, however.  The problem is they only grow back so much if you choose not to take care of them or pay attention to them.

Taking Care of Your Lashes:

  • Firstly, it's so, so, so important to take your makeup off at night.  If you don't, your mascara and eyeliner will harden (even more than they do during the day), and cause severe breakage.  Just a couple of nights of not taking your makeup off will make the lashes much shorter than they already are.
  • Accordingly, make sure you get ALL of your makeup off.  A Q-Tip and liquid remover is not always enough.  Try using cotton pads, if you're stuck on liquid remover, or towelettes.  With towelettes, make sure you don't press hard.  A little pressure goes a LONG way.
  • Take your vitamins.  All functions in your body require the right amount of nutrition.  This may seem like a fruitless task, but it's really so important.
  • Give your skin a detox day, preferably once a week.  Pick a day when you don't see anyone, and most of your work occurs at home.  Giving your lashes, as well as your skin, a day with no makeup, will help your lashes re cooperate from being mascara-ed day after day.
  • Don't apply excessive amounts of eyeliner, mascara, or lash glue.  Applying lengthening mascara in a few strokes does enough.  You don't need a crazy amount, because after a few strokes, it stops lengthening and starts clumping.  
  • Wash your face everyday. 
  • A great tip that works. Put Vaseline petroleum jelly on your eyes before bed every night.  Within a couple of days, you'll notice fuller, longer lashes. Make it a part of your nightly routine, as it needs to be applied on a regular basis to keep those lashes long.  You can also use Olive Oil instead of petroleum jelly.  
  • For purely cosmetic use, you can use fake lashes.  The problems with fake lashes are the glue isn't the best for your REAL eyelashes, and it's only a temporary fix.  
  • Curl your eyelashes instead of using curling mascara.  
  • Brush your lashes with a brow/lash brush.  It separates the lashes so they can grow untangled. 
  • Drink lots of water.  This *should* go without saying, but it's ignored by a lot of people.  Water is so good for your body- and that includes your lashes.
  • Don't rub your eyes!  This is just practical.  

Keep your eyelashes long and strong, girls.  :)


  1. Oh, this was great Em! I almost never take my mascara off at night, so that's goood to know!

  2. I use olive oil on a round cotton pad to take my eye makeup off each night. Olive oil is much more nourishing for your skin and lashes than vaseline (which coats the skin kind of like plastic). For really strong, luscious lashes, brush castor oil on them each night with an old, clean mascara wand. I love this trick!

  3. OH man. My eyelashes are way. too. long. already. But these tips are great.... Maybe when Im 80, they'll fall or something and I'll come back to this post and apply all these tips.
    Haha! :)