Friday, March 25, 2011

In the City OOTD

Hey, It's Caroline!  Today was just an utterly beautiful spring day.  The sky was a deep blue with very few clouds sprinkled starkly against it... and I hated to be cooped up inside.  So I asked mom if we could go somewhere, and she said she had actually been thinking the same thing, even though we're also walking about tomorrow morning.

When my dad got home and I was done with homework, we headed out.  We went to Piazza Navona and Trastevere, and had a great time.

My mama took some pictures for me, since I can't get good pictures of my clothes inside of our house.  So, here you have my outfit of the day!

Poncho ~ H&M
White t-shirt ~ Old Navy
Leggings ~ Target
Suede Ballet Flats ~ Ross
Yellow messenger bag ~ Shoe Station
Sunglasses ~ Michael Kors

This outfit was very simple and casual, and super comfy.  It was warm enough out at the beginning, and when it got colder I had a warm place for my arms.  This poncho is great, and feels like you're just wearing a comfortable blanket... I certainly recommend it.  

And if you happened to notice that my shoes are a bit curved in a strange way, that is not the way my feet bend!  I naturally turn my feet inwards (read: severely pigeon-toed) and when I try to walk with my feet completely straight, not only is it pretty painful, but it stretches my shoes in funny ways if they're poorly made.  This is because my weight is placed, unfortunately, on the inside part of my feet instead of being evenly spread.  I can't really help it unless I think incredibly hard about it, and it hurts, too.  So the shoes are stretched weird.  

The end.  :D


  1. That is such a cute outfit. I love, love the poncho!


  2. I just want to stick you in my pocket and carry you around. And steal that poncho....

    In other words- you're adorable.