Thursday, March 31, 2011


The muddy snow outside covered by a heavy grey fog reminds me of one of my favorite novels, Jane Eyre. There is a movie coming out soon; the trailer looks just as creepy as the book, if not more.
I have admittedly spent the day in a sweatshirt, ponytail, and long johns. One of the few days I've broken down in a while. . .
Yesterday I dressed up for a speech I had to give. I ended up wearing the outfit all day (tights on from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm, EW!) and to youth group that night. Yes, I still dare to go to youth group. We'll see when they kick me out ;) Or my friends refuse to allow me to go...
Anyways, I wore a Ralph Lauren blazer, creme undershirt, plaid mini skirt, mossy green tights, and brown riding boots. I hope to get the outfit photographed ONE of these days.
I got several comments all day about my outfit. A few people asked me if I went to an Academy. Yes, sadly, that's how uncommon blazers are in my town. When you see someone wearing one you automatically assume it's a school uniform...(Sigh). Another person asked me what Ralph Lauren was. The blazer looks like this, minus the fact that it's navy blue. The first thing I wondered was how they didn't know what Ralph Lauren was, the second was why they could see the words on my blazer. Awkward moment.
Hat: Vintage
Rose pin: Vintage
Shirt: New York and CO.
(good grief I wear their clothes a lot!)
Skirt: Vintage (I think. It doesn't have a tag.)
Josie Hope


  1. lovely photos andddd obviously love the outfit :)

    p.s. I gave you a blogger award. Check it out righttt here

  2. I love Jane Eyre. My favorite book EVER.

  3. Beautiful outfit! That skirt is pure awesomeness. :)


  4. Cute!! :)

    I saw Jane Eyre...It was creepy. And I slept through half of it. But it was good, I guess! I haven't read the book...

  5. We've been having dreary weather here in NY as well.
    I love your long boho skirt - totally my style!
    Have a lovely weekend!