Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Q&A with Caroline

Hey guys, it's Caroline!

I'm so excited because next week is spring break, and I'm going to have time to film hauls, reviews, etc.  But I also thought I wanted to do a reader-based video!

So here's what I'd like to do.  Leave a comment below asking any question at all about this blog, fashion, style, etc.  I will pick some of the questions and answer them in a video.  I know you guys have questions going through your head about trends, how-to's, why's, and so on and so forth.

Don't be shy!  If I don't get enough comments, I won't be able to film a video at all, so please, do ask.

Really, any topic under the genre of this blog will do.  Enjoy!



  1. Hi,

    Okay, I'm not the greatest at putting on eye shadow...it's kida embarrassing...:) Could you maybe do a video tutorial on eye shadow...thanks

    Bethany. :)

  2. Hey, it's Rachel..

    Here in Texas it is hitting 90 degrees already, and it feels so much like summer (with the exception of school). I'm starting to search for summer fashions, and I was wanting to know where to start? Places with good prices or adorable cloths (or shoes)? That would help a bunch! :)

  3. When I put eyeshadow on, within 2 hours it all moves up to my crease. I do use a base, but it's not working. What do you do to prevent this?

  4. Here's a couple questions for ya! :) What colors are in this summer? What are some quick and easy hairstyles I can use this summer? And finally .... my hair is sooo straight and not as thick as I would like it to be .... how do I make it appear thicker, or give it "beach" waves? Thanx Caroline! :)

  5. My hair is medium length and it does an awkward sort of wave thing.... can you help me? I don't know what to do with it :P

  6. How did you and the other girls decided to start this blog?

  7. Hey,
    This isn't so much a question as a post I think would be cool to see: A trends/outfits/colors/peices/collage type thing for summer. Maybe each of you could do one of these since your styles are different. Like what you want to be wearing this summer. :)
    Oh, I thought of a question.
    Are there any "rules" for style that you follow? Do you take heed to those "no white after this date" or "you always need this, this, and this in your closet, or it's incomplete"?
    Love your blog you guys!


  8. Do you find it hard to balance the kinds of fashion you like to wear with modesty? How much does that effect your clothing choices? How often do you find yourself shopping for clothes? Do you and your mom have similar fashion sense or do you wear outfits that the other would never consider wearing?