Saturday, April 2, 2011


Let's all pretend it's still Saturday and not Sunday morning at 12:30 am. ahem. I meant to post Saturday...oh well. No one will die.
This is the outfit I mentioned I wore the other day...I just put it on and had my mum snap some photographs. Hopefully they don't scare you...

Ah. that face.

I just found that wearing all my chain necklaces kinda looks cute. It makes me happy, because all the necklaces mean something special, and it looks good.
The gold heart locket keeps a secret.
The silver dog tag 'hope' necklace is my middle name.
The three different colored beads is from a shopping trip with some very special people.
The green little necklace is from my best friend, as a birthday present.
I DO smile! I swear! heh. Long day. Uber long. Filled with a fleeting trip to Mcdonalds, shallow friends, Mein Kampf, and working...
Blazer- Ralph Lauren
Tank- Limited Too
Skirt-Limited Too
Tights- ?
Boots- Journeys
Necklaces-all over the place
Josie Hope

PS: i want to send a HUGE thank you shout out to everyone who comments on this blog. I (And the others!:)) receive each comment, and they all mean SO much. Every compliment, recommendation, word of advice, and opinion is read and appreciated. Keep it going, you keep us going.


  1. The first picture is a little! But I love your hair! And your boots. And your blazer. =]

  2. I love the first picture! Oftentimes when I'm taking pictures for my blog and not intentionally smiling, I look quite scary. It's kind of funny.