Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hair Routine

Hey, guys!

Sorry for being so MIA the past week or so.  As exams are *NEXT MONTH* (can you believe it?) I've been working and studying like crazy.  But I'm back, with a request!  So you all know, I've gotten several requests since we're started the blog, and because being a student is my first and foremost job, it's going to take me a little while to tackle them all.  So, your braids tutorial, your smokey eye tutorial,  haul, E.L.F. reviews, and the others asked are coming SOON, I promise.  Here's my first request- my daily hair routine.

While most of my skin routine is at night, my hair routine contains more of a day approach.  Before I go to bed everynight, I take out my hair, of whatever I did with it that day, and I brush it out with my Helen of Troy boar bristle brush which I bought at Walgreens.  Because I am growing my hair out, most of my hair routine reflects that.  That's all I do at night.  I don't usually put my hair up, but as it gets longer, I braid it to keep it from matting and/or getting in my face while I sleep.

In the morning, my real routine begins.  I shower in between my classes.  Before I get into the shower, I brush through my hair with the same boar bristle brush.  In the shower, I shampoo twice and condition once.  The first time I shampoo I rinse it out right away.  The second time I leave it in for two to three minutes.  I rotate shampoos, because I've found that my hair gets used to shampoos in time, and they stop being effective.  The shampoos I use interchangeably are "Hello Hydration" by Herbal Essences, "Sleek and Shine" by Garnier Fructis, and Pantene "Silky Smooth".  The Pantene is my absolute favorite.  It leaves my hair *so* soft.  I use that shampoo every other bottle, and use the other two in between interchangeably.  For example, my pattern looks a lot like Hello Hydration, Pantene, Garnier, Pantene, Hello Hydration.
After I shampoo, I use a conditioner, which I *don't* change up.  I use 3 Minute Miracle from Aussie, which I discovered through Sofia.  After a bad straightener which killed my curls, and added a burned feel to my hair, and made it frizzy.  It was awful.  That straightener was a Cortex straightener, and I'd advise against buying it.  If you do choose to buy it, no matter how thick or coarse your hair is- do not put it any higher than 350 degrees.  Please.  So I use Aussie's deep conditioner which is my *hero* and I couldn't live without it. 

After getting out of the shower, I comb through my hair using a wide toothed comb.  Regular combs and brushed can damage your hair and can cause splitting, so I recommend a wide toothed comb or a paddle brush.  I don't usually blow dry my hair, because I don't have time.  When I'm looking for some extra volume, or I have some extra time, I do.  If I blow dry my hair, I add a leave in conditioner by Garnier Fructis, but on the days I let it air dry, I don't put any product in it wet.  

After my hair dries (and after my next class) I spray my hair with John Frieda Straight Heat Protectant.  I spray this to my ends and into the palm of my hand, and work it up.  Then I use a round brush to work it through my hair.  I take my hair in layers, spraying each as I let them down, and straightening my entire head.  I do curl every once in a while, but straightening is my every-day goto.  After that, I take my round brush and spray the brush with Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray, and brush the top layer of my head.  This keeps my flyaways in place and makes sure my hair doesn't get frizzy throughout the rest of the day.  

And that's all I do.  Here's an idea of what the finished product looks like. 

Sorry for the nailpolish in front of my face.  This was a picture for something else, but the picture showed my hair the best.  The nailpolish is my current favorite -  "I Miss You" by Sinful Colors. ;)

My second day *EASY* hairstyle: 

...Strange expression.

Really easy tutorial coming super soon. :)

Love you guys!


  1. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY.

    I love this :)

  2. Ooooh. I can't wait to do my posts on face & hair. :D

  3. You have such pretty hair! Love this post.

  4. O my gosh how I love sinful colors! I have about 20 bottles of there kind of nail polish including I miss you one! I just got it for my birthday! I also like the one called purple daimond. If you don't have it I would highly recommend it!