Saturday, April 23, 2011

So did everybody die....?

Um. O.k. So after watching the strange silence on the blog for over a....  week I have come to two conclusions. One everybody inexplicably died or went on long vacations during which they had no internet connections whatsoever. Or Two, everyone was awed by the amazingness of the guest post that they were too scared to break the silence. I think I'm counting myself among the second group... Sooo I've decided to crack the ice. Scary right? I'm a bit hesitant but I'm pushing forward. I suppose someone has too sometime. So here goes. I'm posting something really unimportant so if it pales in-comparison to other posts maybe everyone else won't notice. Shh! Its a secret! ;)

Just a simple outfit of last Wednesday. I told you my outfits would never actually be of the day. I was going for a really simple effortless schoolgirl blazer look so you judge whether I actually pulled it off. :)

Ruffled Navy Blazer: Talbots
Flutter Sleeve white button down: Japanese Designer ( Yes Style )
Seersucker Skirt: Delias
Eyelet Flats: Target
Pearl Ear Rings: Gift
Spoon Ring: Vintage I think

Oh and I vote that everyone posts what they wore for Easter Sometime this week. =)

Laughter and Song,


  1. You are so cute!!! :)

    And I vote yes to everyone posting easter outfits!!

  2. I know... spring break has just made us all lazy. :D

    But I will definitely post my easter outfit later!!

    And I love the out fit by the way, especially the blazer. :D

  3. Vacation is totally my excuse. I was noticing the silence, too. But hopefully I'll get a post up :)
    Cuteeeeeeee as usual!

  4. ah cute. i have that ring too. :)