Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Very Southern Easter

Hello There!

I hope you all had a very wonderful blessed Easter! I know I did. And from the pictures it was definitely a day for lovely fashions. I love getting to see all the different styles and colors you all wore!
Before I show you mine though there's something you should know about the South. Down here in Tennessee... we really do Easter. I mean REALLY. Easter in the South in the most fancy thing you wear practically all year. Even over Christmas Eve. Pastels are mandatory. Pearls and Hats are recommended. And if anyone is caught wearing black shoes they are shamed eternally. ( O.k. not really, but seriously it just isn't done! :) Its also the one Sunday a year when everyone in the family is actually matching. Everyone. Actually though the guys are pretty cool about it. Wil even wore a pink tie this year Score!
All that said here is my new Easter ensemble. 

A little touch of Southern Spring Whimsy. 

White Linen Ruffled Blouse: Talbots
Sky Blue 50s skirt: Talbots
NEW Eyelet flats: Target 
Pearl Headband: Gift from a friend
Pearl Earrings: Gift from Mother
Pearl Necklace: Hot Pink 
Straw Hat: Wooden Soldier 
(Same Make-up as wedding) 

Oh! AND I WORE NAIL POLISH!!!!!!!! Haha If you read my bio you would know what a rarity that is. So get this, I painted my fingers AND toes. Go. Me. I'm so proud of myself. Of course I only painted them really pale pink with a  clear finish so not exactly bold but its a start! :)

Laughter and Song,


  1. That is a FANTASTIC outfit. :D And your hat? Is to die for.

  2. Ah! You look beautiful! I love it. :)

    I really love Easter...it's so underrated in CA :(

  3. Aww! That's adorable! I love your hat and pearls :)

  4. Pearls, they look so good on you!

  5. You're ADORABLE. I love pearls. And I love the South. And pink tie? Really? didn't see that coming. ;)

  6. OH. MY. WORD!!! You look adorable!!! :D

  7. You look like you could be in an old movie...I love your whole look. Does your hair wave naturally? I love it! =]