Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Outfit postttttttt. I wore this Saturday. Back when it was sort of warm. And I dreamed about getting a tan and going to the beach. (Mind you it was 65.) But we're back to 50's again, and since just about every blogger on the earth talks about weather, I'll change the subject.

I wore this to a party. was fun? I'm sorry. This is falling apart.
Heh. My sister organized my desk yesterday. Let's just say I couldn't find a SINGLE THING. And so I put everything back the way it was...
Trench coat- Target
Sunglasses- my mum's
Purse- my mum's (I borrowed it for a prop.)
Shoes- Madden girl
Tights- Gap
Skirt- Derick Heart
Shirt- Kohls
Necklaces- the brass one is vintage, the rest I explained here.
Now, I realize I didn't ever show you the pictures from what I wore to the last ball I went to. This is it! My hair curled...weirdly, because my curling iron broke that day and I had to use my mum's. And her curling iron is weirddddd. But you get the jist of things.

I actually didn't keep those heels on, they were so slippery on the floor I almost fell over (Thank you whoever my dance partner was for helping me...). I changed into ballet slippers.
Shoes: Mella Rose
Dress: Vintage
Hair piece: DIY

Josie Hope


  1. I need to come along when you go clothes shopping!!! I love the coat and the ball dress and the yellow shoes. *Happy sigh*

    But you look kinda cold in the bottom picture. lol!

  2. Oh! You're last dress is SO! LOVELY!!!

  3. Caroline, you may absalutely come shopping with me. ANYTIME.
    Cold? yes. It was like 25 outside.
    Em <3
    I prefer to be different, most girls wear prom type dresses with fitted bodices' and poofy skirts. I like this better. :)

  4. I love it!!! Very, very, very cute!! I'd deffinately want to go shopping with you aswell!!! ;D
    You are sooo pretty...