Saturday, April 2, 2011

Skin Routine Round Four (The Simple Route)

Hello Again!

I told you I would post twice. Plus I promised Emilyann I would.  :)

O.k. Let me start with a confession. When I read all of your skin-care routine I was a little shocked. I mean, wow! You girls really go all out! I had no idea there were that many skin care brands and techniques out there! At first I began to question my own routine a little but I've decided to tell you exactly what I do, just the way it is and let you be the judge. Do tell me what you think!

Let me start with a story. A couple years a ago, a good friend and I were hanging out on a trip together and one day she mentioned about what great skin I had and what I did to keep it clear? I was a bit surprised by the question because to be honest, I hardly even thought about my skin at all and certainly not that it was especially clear or anything. At the time I used no skin care products at all! Just washed my face every night and medicine on the occasional blemish. I really didn't know what to tell her except my own magic solution. So here's my theory as far a normal skin care goes:

Sometimes simple is the better route.

I know that sounds a little ridiculous so hear me out. I have pretty typical skin. I think anyway. It tends toward being oily more than dry but for the most part its pretty normal. I do wear light make-up on an almost daily basis. Mascara, eye-liner, lip-stick, and a very light powder. Oh and concealer for blemishes. Thats a can't-live-without. I don't really wear foundation at all unless its a really really special occasion. Thats all just for reference so you can see were I'm coming from. For someone who has different skin type and/or wears alot more make-up a different skin care solution might be in order. :)

For keeping my skin clear and healthy I really only have one main, key, magic solution. Water. Seriously. On a daily basis in the the mornings and evenings I primarily just wash my face thoroughly with cold and hot water. Cold in the morning to wake me up and refresh my skin. And hot ( well lets be honest ) warm water to wash off all the remaining make-up and cleanse my skin in the evening. Thats pretty much my daily ritual. Its that simple.

Of course about twice a week or on days when I wear a little heavier make-up I do add the clinique three step process to my routine. I've found it give my skin a pleasant boost and it does make taking off eye make-up a quicker process. :)

The three step process uses, you guessed it, three products all by clinique to cleanse the skin.

1. Clinique mild facial soap - (Its the green bottle)  First I splash water and then spritz this soap all over my face and neck. It lathers pleasantly rather like shampoo. Then simply wash it off with cool water. 

2. Clinique clarifying lotion  - ( The pink bottle) Second I dab some of this liquid lotion on a cotton ball and gently rub my face. Warning: it does sting on cuts and blemishes. This one doesn't have to wash off and it leaves your face feeling wonderfully clean and tingly. 

3. Clinique moisturizing gel - ( The yellow bottle) Finally a small dash of this gel will help prevent against dryness or irritation. 

And thats all! You're finished!

But I don't even do that every day. My schedule is ridiculously hectic and with school, family, and friends etc... I rarely get to bed early. By the time I can drag myself up to my room all I want to do it throw on some pjs and hit the sack. I don't have the time or the will power to begin a long multi-product process on my skin. So thats when just a quick rinse with warm water comes in wonderfully handy.

This was taken without any make-up at all and I think I did erase one blemish up in the hair-line but nothing else has been fixed. =) As you can see I have places where old scars show up. And the skin itself is certainly not flawless. I don't pretend to be some model. But it is relatively clear and normal. I honestly don't think I'd be able to get much better results by doing a long, time consuming, multi-product skin care routine. (My eyelashes are naturally quite long and relatively thick so I also don't really bother with vaseline. I've heard it works wonders though.) Sometimes I wonder if all those special high-priced products are really all they're cracked up to be. Perhaps some of them really are. Or maybe they are just for different people. But I think I'm going to stick with my simple routine. Sweet and Simple. I know its not flashy. Its probably not dermatologist recommended.
But it works for me.

All that being said there are the fun products that you don't technically need... BUT they're really-fun-awesome-wonderful to play around with. Like stuff from Bath and Body works. I absolutely love their lotions, soaps, and body sprays. Japanese Cherry Blossom is my personal favorite. This stuff you can never get enough of. Plus they smell AH-MAZ-ING!!!

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM!!!! I found it when I was thirteen. Did you know they discontinued it for a while? I almost cried. It IS my favorite though, so good CHOICE. :)

  2. Hey Elizabeth,
    My "routine" MUCH more closely resembles yours... in fact I do less. :D

  3. I have to admit the same thing as Lillian- and am so relieved. For a while there I was thinking, "Wow, am I the only one who uses plain water out there? I need to, um, start- something?" Haha. And now relief floods... =)