Monday, April 11, 2011

About Town

Hey!  It's Caroline.
Yesterday, some dear friends of ours drove down to hang out with us for a day, and they wanted to do something very "Rome."  So, naturally, we took our friends and their three boys to the Colosseum!  The weather has been so nice, so I didn't have to bundle up at all.  It was quite a pleasure.

This stance is one I like to call: CLICHE FASHION BLOGGER POSE
Alternately Titled = Where'd my face go?

This is one of four pictures my mom took.  In the other three, I was talking.  I'm very professional.

Cropped Floral Cardigan ~ H&M
Orange and White Pin-stripe Button-down shirt ~ Old Navy
White undershirt ~ Macy's
Boyfriend jeans ~ The Gap
Flats ~ Alfani (sold at Macy's)
Yellow bag ~ Shoe Station
Sunglasses ~ Michael Kors

In the end, this outfit was incredibly comfortable.  I wanted to wear heels, but I realized I'd probably be running after the little boys too, so that wouldn't have been wise.  For my hair, I just parted it towards the middle again (this is a new thing, usually I do a deep side part) because my bangs are getting too long.  I'm trying to grow them out, but they're in the awkward phase, so I'm just doing what I can to make them appear less heavy.  I, again, just took a flat iron to it and waved it out, like in Emilyann's last post.

Have a great day!

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  1. Ohhh haaaaaay look at that hottie.

    I still looove that Cardigan. You're adorable.