Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Little Big Shirts

I really love shirts.
(You're thinking, oh, well, I'd sure hope so, Lauren...!!)
..... But the thing is ....
They're not just any shirts.
They're little big shirts.

Now. They're not actually called little big shirts. Shh - don't tell - but I have NO IDEA what the heck they're called.
I just made up a name for them.

These are some of my favorite tops in the world. They're really loose, but they're not HUGE and grandpa-ish.
(Nothing against grandpas, I love my grandpa, he's awesome, but... I just don't want to wear his shirts.) :0) If you wear them with a long necklace, they're even cuter.
I'm at a friends house and all my long necklaces are currently absent.
So I just substituted hoop earrings instead.
That works too.

You walk around any mall in L.A. and you will see little big shirts E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.
I used to not like them.
They looked like a sack.
At least to me.
But thankfully, I've been able to find some REALLY REALLY cute ones!

The pictures for this post showcase my blue one. But I have them in a ton of colors, because seriously.
They are adorable.

I decided that no post is complete without a horribly dramatic:
"im-staring-off-in-the-distance-picture-because-im-trying-to-look-like-a-model-but-in-reality-i-have-no-idea-what-im-doing" picture.
Taylor (my sista) said she liked it the best out of them all. So here:

Feel free to laugh at me.

So, GO GET YOURSELF a little big shirt RIGHT NOW!!!!!!



  1. Can't wait till i get that as a hand-me down :P

  2. Where do you recommend buying them? Unlike CA in PA I haven't really seen any :P

  3. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE. And I agree, I love those shirts too. Oh, and Taylor's right, that dramatic picture is beeeeyoooteeful. ;)

  4. Josie - I'd go for stores like forever 21, papaya, even macees probably. The good news is they're SUPER popular for spring, so even out in cold places like PA ;) They shuold be hitting the shelves soon.

    Amanda thanks haha, you're adorable yourself! :) Love you girl.

  5. Haha, I've seen them all over the place online, just waiting for them to hit stores! They should be soon, I'll check Papaya and Macy's; though we don't have a f21. :)

  6. Yeah, you should Josie!!!

    Oh you poor, poor, deprived thing. No forever21??? *dies*

  7. Yea, believe me, my poor town is VERY deprived. :P Actually, it could be a ton worse. We have a lot of good stores. Just...not that one. :(

  8. You need to post your hair tips, girl.

  9. I love me mah little big shirts. :)
    I have some polka dotted ones.

  10. Haha, they're called cropped tops. And I love them too.

  11. I so far have only seen these in magazines, but they look super cute! Unfortunately, as the name implies, cropped tops are, well, cropped. The same styling element that makes these adorable makes them too immodest on my body. Oh well. I'll just have to watch them from a distance ;)

  12. Carrie - indeedly i will! when i get back home :) for sure :)

    Lillian, those sound ADORABLEEEEEEE :D I love polka dots.

    Emily, you have impressed me with your extensive fashion vocab!

  13. Lydia - I know! I had a problem finding ones that worked well on my body too. probably because im tall[er]. thankfully, i was able to find some! :) keep a look out ;)

  14. Lauren... You're gorgeous. GORGEOUS. (and btw that other caroline that you referred to as carrie was actually a different caroline than you thought, but that's ok because she's SO RIGHT)

    and you look GOOOOOD. I wear my crop tops over tanks and that's a good look too. lovee.

  15. Wow, I mixed up my carrie's ;) hahaha!

    But thanks Carrie MALONE. :) I appreciate it! I've worn them with tanks, too. It's cute that way also!

  16. dude LOVE that shirt. Like for real love. I am all about shirts like that lately

    Come read about my Lovely Little Rants ♥