Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ the Lord is risen today, Hallelujah.

I love that ^ hymn. I played it in church today, along with a flutist, pianist, and vocalist. It was so gorgeous, and has been stuck in my head this whole day. What a great reminder of the wonderful purpose of this holiday. I hope all of you have a wonderful day celebrating Christ's ressurection. ♥

As you can see, my little sister has a very interesting sense of style. She is just barely eight years old, and completely brilliant. She astonishes me. :)

I wore this dress to church, today. It's a lovely dress, and I always get compliments on it. (Someone told me my dress was 'luverly'. Made my day.) It's generally my go-to dress. I wear it for everything. Christmas, Easter, dances, parties. It just works for everything, is wonderfully comfortable, and fits well. I bought it for Christmas at Macy's...the name is Jessica Howards.

The shoes are from DSW, brand is 'soft spots'. They are the most comfortable heels I own. Thus I wear them when I going to be climbing up and down stairs, slipping between music stands, and stomping out '1-2-3-4' counting music. :)
The dress coat I'm wearing in one of the photographs is Liz Claiborne. Suprisingly, I got it for 10$ at Salvation Army. Best find there EVER.

The other day I was inspired to do something ...different. Maiden braids! It was very simple, and actually did look semi-normal. Besides getting called Heidi.
I divided my hair in half, braided both sections, put pony tails on the ends, flipped them up onto the top of my head, bobby pinned into place, and hairsprayed!

Hoping you have a wonderful Easter, xoxo
Josie Hope


  1. WOW. I wish I could find a coat like that at the thrift store....

    I wear heidi braids every now and then, even though my hair is too short.

  2. well somebody is positively adorable and beautiful and stunning.

  3. You and your sister are both adorable. Love the maiden braids.