Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have this weird addiction to buying nail polish. It's getting bad people, real bad. I'm going to be broke soon. And if Gap doesn't stop having cute shirts on sale for less then 10$, I will be broke guaranteed. Today I bought some minty green and hot pink. Both are lovely. But in the process of picking them out I tried ten different other colors at various stores. Evidence clearly seen on my nails.
I found this amazing pair of sunglasses...and since I couldn't justify buying them for myself, I bought them for my mum. Isn't that what mums are for? ;) Justtt kidddding. It's her birthday very soon here, and we went shopping. Let me tell you people. We. Went. All. Out. But she deserves it. I'm personally stoked about it.

These pictures are from yesterday, I was eating dinner while being photographed! Skills people. Skills. I meant to post them but it was 15 minutes to midnight and I wake up at 5:30. I decided I might as well post it this morning and go to bed, same difference.
AND LOOK AT THOSE JEANS! Don't expect to see them much.

Hat: Vintage
Top: Faded Glory
Striped shirt: K-mart (!)
Jeans: New York and CO.
Boots: Born

Josie Hope

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