Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just a bit of housekeeping

Hey everyone, it's Caroline.  I don't think I ever mentioned this on the blog before, but we've got a page on Facebook now!  So if you're on facebook, search for us, and feel free to like us!  That is... assuming you actually like us.

Also, hey, remember that time I was going to do a Q&A video and then completely forgot?  Yeah.  About that.  Let's do that again.

Once more, with feeling, please leave any beauty/fashion/etc questions in the comments below, and I will film a video with all of the answers to as many of those questions as I can.

And remember, guys, we love you heaps.



  1. I live in Maine and (I'm homeschooled)for one of my classes the building is pretty chilly in the winter. I was wondering what I could wear that will be warm and cute at the same time. :)

  2. Yay! You're going to the make the video!!! Can't wait to see it. So, here are my questions...

    1)What is the best type of eyeliner (in any of all you girls' opinions) for the beginning eyeliner-wearer and for everyday wear? And by type, I mean liquid, cake, pencil, etc.

    2) How do I put on said eyeliner without ending up looking like a racoon and poking my eye balls out?

    3) Hair serum - do any of you use it? It's supposed to help protect hair from heat and give shine, but my hair is really straight and slippery, so putting serum in my hair (even the ends) sounds like a recipe for limp greasy hair. What are your thoughts on serum use?

    4)Do any of you gals use or recommed color correctors (make up in weird colors - purple, yellow, and green- that cancel out unpleasant colors on your face)?

    5) Last but not least, Josie, would you please do a tutorial on how you make up your eyes? Please?! They always look so fabulous that I want to know your secrets.

    Thank you! I'm looking forward to the video. =]

  3. Well here goes :)
    1. What is your opinion on what is 'too much' makeup, especially on your eyes?

    2. How can I do a smokey eye without ending up (to use Caroline's phrase) looking like a racoon?

    3. What is your opinion on buying extra makeup brushes as opposed to using the ones in the package that come with the makeup?

    Thanks, I can't wait for the video :) :)

  4. Hey! I love reading Dressing Room Door Here are my questions:

    1. Before I go to bed, is there a great need for me to remove my makeup with makeup remover, or could I rely on water to do it?

    2. If you are doing a bunch with your hair curling it and all, are there any good "need to"s for keeping your hair healthy?