Monday, August 1, 2011

I won't dance...Don't ask me. (Sinatra)

Traveling to a wedding for a weekend...
Blowing bubbles for after the Mass. :)
Haha. I don't think I'd ever wear one of these in real life.
My gorgeous best friend, Ava.
Picking organic raspberries.

The pink skirt in the picture above was purchased from the Vintage Valley.
It's a gorgeous store, and I totally recommend purchasing things from her. The packaging is adorable, and this skirt is fabulous.
Not to mention everything is half off right now. Which. Well. DUH. Buy something.
(Disclaimer: The Vintage Valley had nothing to do with this post.)

Oh. And least exciting of all?
I received the expensive torture instrument from a local orthodontist.
Or rather braces. No difference.

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  1. Braces look...dainty on your teeth.

    You're magical.