Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to the Basics Pt. 1 - Mascara

Hey, everyone!  Emilyann here, and I'm starting a new series on the basics of makeup.  Sure it's fun to dress up and "put on your face" but if you don't know how to use the products you have, it could turn out to be a disaster.  I'm here to show you fool-proof ways to use your makeup staples.

Staple number one, mascara.

Mascara is usually one of the first pieces of makeup people buy.  Mascara is used to darken, lengthen, and volumize the lashes.  It can make white eyelashes appear dark, or tiny lashes appear longer.

However, mascara isn't magic.  It doesn't make your eyelashes grow.  In fact, it can often damage your lashes if you don't take good care of them like you would your hair or your skin.  Mascara should be taken off before bed every night, because if it's on too long, or while you toss and turn in bed, your eyelashes can break off or become twisted or pulled out.  It's important to take off any makeup before bed, but mascara especially.

What kind of mascara should you use?

There are many variables: whether you're fair or dark, you have blue eyes or green, whether your lashes are short, or stick straight out.

  • For natural, everyday wear, blonde, blue-eyed fair skinned girls should wear a dark, espresso brown colored mascara.  The brown will bring out the blue and the blonder lashes will appear darker without appearing fake. 
  • Brunettes or darker skinned girls should wear a charcoal or a black color.  Black will go with every eye color.   
  • If your eyelashes don't naturally curl, invest in a reliable eyelash curler. Then a curling mascara, such as Rimmel's Sexy Curves mascara.
  • If you have short eyelashes, use a good lengthening mascara.  These are super easy to find.  Try Covergirl Lashblast Length in the yellow bottle.
  • If you have long eyelashes that aren't voluminous, try a thickening mascara like Covergirl Original Lashblast in the orange bottle.
  • If you have both of these problems, don't be scared to layer mascara.  Start with the thinner consistency first- usually the lengthening mascara, and add a volumizing (thicker) mascara sparingly.  This will give you a good combination if used correctly.
Now, what to avoid with mascara.  

The spider lashes.  

Girls often mistake the spider lashes for volume and depth.  Sure we want our eyelashes to look like we put on three pairs of falsies.  But you can do that without making them look like tree trunks sticking out of your lashline.  Line your tightline with an eyeliner, then curl your lashes.  First apply a THIN coat of mascara to the backside of your eyelashes.  Remember, THIN.  This will give the illusion of thicker lashes.  Then apply mascara in a wiggling motion, separating the lashes and making sure they're thin and many.  The problem with the spidery lashes is that it clumps them together and causes them to look like you have four or five huge lashes.  

Mascara smudges. 

It happens to the best of us.  If you accidentally brush up against your skin as you're apply mascara, don't worry!  Just don't rub it with your fingers or touch it or try to remove it.  Wait until it's dried, then go in with a wet Q-tip and it will remove like it never happened. 

Bad waterproof mascara.

Waterproof mascara won't ruin your lashes...if you use it in moderation.  Waterproof mascara has a different formula.  While protecting you from wetness, it also dries out your lashes and eventually will cause them to flake, or break off.  Only use waterproof mascara when hitting the pool or on a super sweaty day.  

If you use mascara everyday... you need to take care of your lashes.  
  • Coat them in Vaseline every night before bed to keep them long, strong, and healthy. 
  • Give your eyelashes a break at least once a week, if possible.  They'll thank you in the end.
What's a makeup staple you're not sure what to do with? 

Till next time!


  1. I've never used foundation, coverup or powder for daily use, I've only ever used it in performances which is super heavy. If you could say somehting about applying, and the lightest formulas, how to make it look natural, why you'd wear it... that would all be helpful... :D Thanksh guysh. <3

  2. What about redheaded, green/blue eyed girls?

  3. @ Michaela:

    Redheaded girls are often fair-skinned, so brown is a better color than black for them; it doesn't look obviously fake. Green or blue eyes could go with brown or black mascara (depending on skin and hair coloring). Also, dark navy blue mascara brings out blue eyes (looks lovely on brown and hazel eyes, too).

  4. Emily, if you continue these, I might actually learn how to put on make up. :-p
    Thanks for adding WHY to take it off...I never realized that!

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  6. Hi, whoever this is... I see you used one of my photos. The "spider lashes" photo. I'd actually appreciate a link back to the original source. I'll put it here for you.

    Thanks. :)