Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey, you!

Remember me? Well, even if you don't, I have a few products that have become my favorites since I bought them two days ago. Maybe I'm still on the "OMG NEW PRODUCTS" high, but they're all fabulous -- seriously.

So, on we go with the haul/favorites. And I'm Valentine, just in case you forgot. :)

Numero Uno: Loreal's True Match, Super Blendable Blush in the color "innocent flush". To be honest, I chose it because it looked nice on the shelf and I was in need of a new blush. However, I have tried it, and it looks absolutely gorgeous! I was a bit nervous about the shimmer after I swatched it, but on your cheeks, it gives a beautiful, natural, dewy effect. Love it. (By the way--the swatch is in the bottom left hand picture. It doesn't look so glittery or pink in real life, though. It's a little more coral.)

Numero Dos: NYC's Smooch Proof Lipstain in "Champagne Stain". It gives a perfect lip color for a girl like me. Personally, I like the idea of wearing lipstick, but I get turned off by most lip colors for the following reasons: 1) When wearing a dark lip color, I look like I'm trying too hard, 2) I'm always afraid it will be on my teeth, and 3) I'm always checking it to make sure it isn't coming off. This lip stain is just the right's darker than my natural lip, it looks better than natural, it's PINK :), and it doesn't smudge. (It is also swatched in the bottom left hand picture)

Numero Tres: Maybelline's One by One Volume Express Waterproof Mascara. This baby has lasted me through blood, sweat, and tears. Alright, I'm kidding about the blood part, but seriously. It won't come off. When they said waterproof, they meant it.

Numero Cuatro: This E.L.F. blush brush is really nice. I haven't lost any bristles, it's soft, and it does its job. No complaints.

Numero Cinco: THIS. Sonia Kashuk's synthetic, flat top, multipurpose brush. I've tried putting on my foundation with everything...but this takes the cake. I now use way less foundation and I don't have to use my fingers. I feel like it goes on faster.

Numero Seis: This nail polish from Sinful Colors was given to me by my aunt. I wish I had had it when summer was still in full swing! Even still, I'm going to wear it. It's a hot pink that would make Barbie jealous and I smile with every glance at my toesies.

Numero Siete: If you watch Fleur's channel on Youtube, you've probably heard her rave about the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette. I really like it. There's a light shade, a dark shade, a green shade (for cancelling redness), and a powder to set. They're creamy and go on very nicely.

Numero Ocho: Finally, we have one of the products I have been searching for....for FOREVER. Blue Mascara! This one from Physicians Formula is two sided and comes with a black mascara as well. I'm very excited to have this. It's not quite as blue as I had hoped, but it will work! (Just a tip...It looks best, in my opinion, if you put on your normal mascara first and then add the blue to the tips.)

This concludes my haul. I hope you can get past my ugly nails. I just repainted them, don't worry. Oh, and the blue on my hands is from drawing with highlighters and sharpies this afternoon. :)

Love you, girlies! Let me know if you have any products that you think are the "bees knees". I want to hear about them!


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  1. Hot pink has totally been my favorite nail polish color. I've used it nearly every time I painted my nails. :) It's lot's of fun.
    Also loving Covergirl's Nature Luxe foundation...(just like everyone else.)