Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boho. Not to be confused with Hobo.

Over the summer, I've taken all of my brain space usually directed towards homework, and aimed it towards thinking about various and sundry absolutely non-school-related things.  One of these things has been my style.

I've never had a distinctly... describable mode of dress.  I've just worn what I like, and that's the end of it.  But I've started becoming more picky about what I wear, and certain things just strike me as more attractive than other pieces.  And I've finally learned how to describe my classification:

60's Bohemian.  I have a penchant for vintage and classic girly things, like cat-eye sunglasses and ballet flats and cigarette pants, but I am also drawn towards long, floaty things, head-scarves, and bold vintage jewelry.

Classifying my style has made shopping easier.  I no longer hem and haw over what I want to buy, wondering if it suits. I just ask myself if it at all fits under my little self-description, and act accordingly.

Hence, today's OOTD.

Jean Jacket ~ Old Navy (Slightly oversized is the bomb dot com.)
Maxi Dress ~ Steinmart
Shoes ~ Seem to be missing those.... :)
Headband ~ Either Icing or Claire's.  I'm forever confusing the two.
Cami ~ Old Navy (Camisoles are essential to most maxi dresses.)
Earrings ~  I know you can't see them.  I promise I'm wearing them.. big, dangly, silver circles.  From my mama.

I'm not actually wearing it today, but I had to show you.  My friend and I found these amazing necklaces for ONE EURO at an otherwise pricey store.  That's about two dollars, y'all.  Can I get a woop woop?  Or in this case... a "hoo, hoo."

That's it for today!

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  1. *sigh* I can never classify my style. It's rather frustrating.

    You look gorgeous, btw. And those necklaces are adorable. <3<3