Sunday, August 7, 2011

Attempted Hair Tutorial and DIY t-shirt

I've never done this before, so forgive me if it's unacceptably horrible. Or just impossible to understand. They amount to the same thing.
This hair tutorial is just an easy, not too specific, cutesy thing. It can be dressy or casual.
T-shirt DIY: I've done some pretty fun stuff with t-shirts before, (actually I've resold them, too. I used to be a super duper crafty DIY-ish person. Then highschool happened.)

Brush your hair out so it looks something like that.
I have a side part, and I've never done this with a middle part, but I'm sure it would just look even MORE uber hippyish.

You'll probably need a few things other then your hair. I would start with a normal clip thing that will hold half your hair, a brush, a one inch curling iron, and hairspray! (Optional, I suppose.)
Also, a heat protect-ant for your hair. Which I didn't use. But. That's probably why I have split ends worse then a barn cat has fleas.

Two: Place the upper half of your hair out of the way using your clip. Divide the lower half of your hair onto the two sides of your neck and curl.

Three: Start at the bottom, and curl up your curling iron. (okay. I really don't know what I'm talking about. Just do the standard curling thing...that's shown in the picture.)

Four: Your curls should hopefully look something like that. If they don't, it's probably not a big deal.

Curl both the bottom half of your hair and the upper half like above.
Picnik can make anything look good! Even my face!
Turn that head upside down and
So your hair should now look like below.
You can then add whatever headband (I wear necklaces as headbands. Don't judge me you hater.) And proceed to wear fringe, old jeans, moccasins, and belly shirts galore!
that's a joke.
I do realize that this is getting a bit lengthy. Like Herodotus long. That's real long girls and boys. However, it took me much longer to write it then it will for you to read it so suck it up babies.
Snuggy wuggy was a bear...snuggy wuggy had no hair................
Anywho. In order to properly reform your down and out t-shirts, you shall:
Cut off the hem on the sleeves.
Cut off the hem around the collar.
Cut off the hem on the bottom.
This takes about 3 minutes, and refreshes any old boring things.
(I pretty much never wear t-shirts anyways, but, that's because I'm a weirdo and I'm sure at least some of you do so this is suitable.)
Sweet niblets I need to brush my hair. But, the other plus side of this DIY is that you get a free headband from the bottom hem of your tee. Yeah!

And now for the brief food picture section! In order to make you fat and cause you to eat excessively, we share delicious pictures of greasy, secretly disgusting, and horribly mouthwatering food! (Actually it's quite healthy...)
xo Josie

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  1. So you're gorgeous and I wish I had your hair, the end. <3