Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back-to-school Clothing

Hello all!
My name is Lillian, and I am very excited to be writing this guest post for the lovely ladies of Dressing Room Door.  Feel free to check out my blog over at Frills and Furbelows, I sure would like to hear from you!

I am here to share with you today my clothing buying strategy, and also a (small) portion of my back-to-school- shopping list.

{Know your Style, Inspiration, and What looks good on you}
I love clothing.  I love dressing up, buying clothing, having new clothing in my wardrobe, the art of fashion, and designing and styling clothing. I mean, who doesn't right? And I know, from experience that dark blue makes me look a bit pale, and mustard yellow rarely works on me.  Drop waist?  Not so much.  And those bandage dresses?  For modesty's sake I hope none of you are wearing that.  So from experience we get to know what looks good on us and we find our own comfort zone, right?  That's a good thing.  Find your style, and what looks good on you, and soak it all up.  Look in magazines and blogs to see what new trends you like, so that you can absorb those trends, and come up with a unique look for yourself.


{-} by lilliant featuring a wool cardigan

{Make a List}
This is one of my favorite parts, because I love making lists.  So make a list of the clothing you like, the inspiration that makes you want to dress a certain way, and mull it over some.  Once you make a concrete list you can go over it and see in what ways you can edit.  You can see you already own something, or  that you can sew it yourself perhaps?  Or maybe you can see which items are most likely going to show up at a second hand/vintage/thrift store, at which the prices are lower (score) and the clothing has character.  So make a list.  You won't regret it.  


{Go Shopping}
While I really love the whole process of finding inspiration, making lists and everything, I've got to admit, going shopping is probably my favorite.  You can go into those stores choc full of awesome new clothing (or if you're entering a thrift store... new-to-you clothing) and you can go through the racks, look at the already assembled outfits on the models, and try on all the wonderful clothing you'd like to incorporate into your wardrobe. Awesome.  Go ahead and try new things on in the store, but remember, if you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable in whatever you try on, you're probably not going to wear it at home.  So go ahead and try it on, figure out what you'd wear it with, and make sure you love it.  


So.  Here are some inspiration boards of the things on my "Back-to-School-Clothing" wish list.  Inspired by magazines, tumblr, and the many trends showing up this fall.  

{1}  60's and 70's Inspired: flowy, sheer, braids, moccasins, beads, feathers, denim cut-offs, leather jackets, floral.  Bringing summery into fall.  


{2}  Patterns.  Lots of Patterns: polka dots, ikat, "tribal", stripes, plaid, and gingham


{3}  Texture: lace, wool, knit, jersey, sheer, beaded, sequins, glitter, leather


{4} Lots of Jewelry: gold, wood, chunky, whimsy earrings, bright colors


So there you have it.  A partial, always changing bit of my Back-to-school Shopping List and Shopping Strategy.    

What's on your list?



  1. Hehehe. Just shopped at h&m yesterday and picked up some things very like a few items on your wish list... ;)
    This is fabulous. Ensue more huge list making by me. (Not that I don't make enough lists...I love them.)

  2. I absolutely LOVE this guest post!! :)

  3. Have I mentioned how much I love you?! This is the best post ever, so happy to get my lilly on board. :)

  4. These are some wonderful piece you have in your post. Definitely, who does not want to dress up and always look their best? I do agree that one should really discover the outfits that fit him or her so that it would be easier to make a list or go shopping. Nonetheless, one should also discover new things and try out some new ideas. Make use of the dressing room. You will never know if an outfit is perfect for you if you do not get to try it on. Thank you for this post and for your tips.