Friday, September 2, 2011

Q and A Part One

Here's the Q and A video!  I had to split it up into two parts, and this is the first.  And yes, I'm a rookie at filming these little guys, so bear with me.  And yes, I'm in my washroom.  And yes, I DO touch my hair a lot.

Let me know if the video doesn't work in your region, and I'll take the music out and try again.

This Polyvore is for the winter outfit question:
Winter Cute

The key is to layer thinner tops underneath stylish pieces, like funky, chunky sweaters, thick scarves, military jackets, and ponchos.  Skinny jeans and boots together is always a cute combo, and to switch it up, try boots underneath wider-leg jeans.  Use earrings and bags to give it your own personal touch.

The heat protectant I mentioned:

That's it for part one!  I'll get part two up as soon as I edit it.  :)



  1. Oh haiiiiii. Checkin' out that hawt ombre hair. ;) But seriously, the eyeliner/shadow stuff is helpful. :)

  2. Yes, it did help. I'm going to try the eyeshadow for eyeliner tip! And my favorite idea of yours is buying a thin paintbrush and bending it - genius! Thanks so much. =]

  3. I'm anti-chunky (don't work for me no how)... which... is hard because thin sweaters are not warm at ALL. :(

  4. I love your eyeshadow in the Q & A video! What do you use?

  5. Caroline: You're so welcome! I think I answer a couple more of your questions in the next part. :)

    Kaeleen: Aww, come on! I bet you could look amazing in them... I haven't seen anyone who doesn't!

    And Anon, I don't know where you would buy that particular palette... my grandmother gave it to me and I don't think it's a very well-known brand. It's something like "Runway New York," I think.