Monday, September 12, 2011

Possible Giveaway?

Hi, all!

I've entered a makeup competition hosted by 2nd Love Cosmetics on Facebook.  There are three great prizes, and three different winners.  Currently I am in third place.  The prize is a large supply of makeup, brushes, and travel cases.

Here's the deal.  If I win one of the three prizes, I plan on doing a giveaway here on the Dressing Room Door.  I'm not sure which articles I'm planning on giving away quite yet, but you guys will most definitely benefit if I indeed, do either stay at 3rd place, or even progress to 2nd or 1st.

So the good stuff-  how to enter this giveaway.

{Mandatory Entry}
Go and "like" 2nd Love Cosmetics on Facebook and then "like" my entry in the contest.  If you don't want useless likes on your page, you are more than welcome to "unlike" 2nd Love after you enter, it will not effect your vote or your entry. Make sure you leave a comment on this post letting me know that you voted for me. That will enter you into this giveaway.

{Optional Entry #1}
Share the link to my picture on your Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, Tumblr, Dailybooth, or blog.  Leave me a comment with the link.

{Optional Entry #2}
Tell your friends about the link.  If they vote for me, leave me their name in the comments!

Thanks, girls, you're the best!  I hope to share my profits with you, since you're the reason I'd even make it past one vote!

PS. Just to let you girls know, there's currently an Urban Decay Sale going on at Hautelook!  There's a bunch of great deals, so go take a look! 



  1. wish I could vote twice!! :P Hope you win em!! <3

  2. Same as Lilly's! I thought yours was the overall best look=) Voted=)

  3. I love your look!
    I wasn't able to vote because I didn't catch the contest before it ended. =(

  4. Samantha- the contest has only ended meaning you cannot enter a makeup look. You can still vote, until the 15th. :)

  5. I voted for you! And I agree, I liked yours best :)

  6. I posted about it on my FB! :) I hope you win!

  7. I voted for you, Emily!

    P.S. your entry IS the best. ;) Hope you win!


  8. I voted for you :) Makeup is such fun!

  9. I liked the page on facebook and then voted for you....but you knew that already :)

  10. I liked your entry on Facebook :D