Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello Beautiful People!

Hello Beautiful People!
My name is Lillian, and I am filling Josie's place as the magical seventh author for Dressing Room Door.  And as sad as I am that she is gone (sniff, I loved your posts Josie) I am entirely excited to be a part of this blog now!
So.  A bit about me so that you can add a bit of personality to the pictures here:
I have my own personal/fashion/photography/food/life blog over at Frills and Furbelows.  I love writing for it, but am a *little* sporadic in posting.  
I love fashion, and always am thinking up new ways to wear the clothing I have.  I love patterns and prints and color and texture, and don't really follow trends, just incorporate them subtly, when I like them.  As far as makeup goes, I don't do much.  I most often wear mascara.  Sometimes I'll add a bit of eyeliner or eyeshadow, and sometimes I'll go for a crazy color or cat-eye liner.  But I'm pretty simple.  For hair, I have super short hair, and enjoy messing it up as much as it will go and experimenting with crazy afro-like curls and such.  But really, I'm low-maintenance in regards to hair and makeup.  
I love photography.  Right now I am very into the documentation of things, so I always have my camera with me to take picture of whatever strikes my fancy.  
I, like the other wonderful DRD ladies am home schooled, and take classes with Veritas Press, which is an amazing online-school.  
I am a Christian, and love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He's saved me from my daily sins, and given me a hope and joy of eternal life with Him!  
I have three younger siblings, and a wonderful mother and father (a photographer and landscape painter!)
So there.  A little blurb about me.  At some point soon, I will put up my bio up there ^^  under my name, with plenty of random bits of detail, but until then, I hope you can enjoy reading my posts, despite the fact that you don't know what I like best to eat for breakfast.  
{Outfit Details:  Top-hand-me-down, skirt-ARC, handmade, Shoes-Payless, Scarf-Target}
{Makeup Details: Covergirl lasblastfusion mascara in black, Covergirl intense shadow blast-brown[I love this stuff!]}
{Band-aid on Knee: I fell and scraped my knee while at the park.  Don't judge.}
 Ok, so a little bit more about my outfit.  
I wore this to my one day of "outside" co-op school, and just added the heels when I went to a casual-ish gallery opening for my father.  

I got this skirt at ARC Thrift store, and it's homemade!
I really liked the bright color and pattern, but the cut wasn't too flattering, so I pinned it up in the front like that, creating a "mullet-dress".  Just kidding that's a horrible thing to be compared to.  

Though you cannot see it very well, there are little veins of yellow and red in the skirt, and I thought this green best complimented it.  I had a darker, Kelly green scarf on earlier in the morning when it was chilly, and you can see it there in the second picture on my purse.  It added a bit more balance to the outfit, being darker.  

And the shoes.  I love these shoes.  I wear them with everything that requires a heel.  Pretty much.  They're a great color and shape that hasn't really gone in or out of style, so it's pretty easy to add to any and every outfit.  

I love it when the weather is cooler, as it is now, because I can begin to layer and wear more patterns as the weather gets colder.  Where as summer: not so much.  

So there you have it!  

Feel free to contact me via the dressing room door email, I would love to answer your clothing/style questions!



  1. Lillian. You're too cute. I love it. So glad you're posting here now!!!

    oh. And that skirt- too darn cute, too;) Handmade is the best.

  2. :) thanks guys! I'm so excited. :)

  3. You're terribly precious. :) :) *fanguurling* XD