Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to the Basics Pt. 4 - The Foundation Routine

Ahhh, part four of BTB is indeed the dreaded foundation routine.  Are you ready for some heavy duty makeup knowledge?  Well, ready or not, here we go!

First let's start with the pre-foundation routine.  You should always wash your face before applying foundation, and make sure your sponges and brushes are sanitized and bacteria free.  The bacteria that sits on your face from lack of cleansing and from old, dirty brushes can cause acne and other gross stuff, so take this easy step to avoid a lot of other trouble.  Now the fun part. :)

What did I use?

Although there aren't many absolutes when it comes to foundation, here are some things you do want to make sure you know.

1. If anything, using too little foundation is better than using too much.  Too much foundation will make you look old and fake, more like you've been iced by a cake decorator than you are merely evening out your skin tone.

2. Primers are good but they're not necessary. I only use primers on special occasions where I need my makeup to look really good for a really long time.

3.  Always blend. OVERblend.  And never forget to blend into your hairline and down your neck, otherwise you'll look like you're wearing a mask.

4.  Make sure you use the right color for your skin tone. Try swatching it on the back of your hand and blending. If it sticks out even a little, it's not your color. Don't settle for something that's sorta-kinda your color. If you need to go to a department store and ask someone to help.  They find people's colors everyday and will be able to show you around what tones/shades you should be searching.

Any questions?

PS; Contouring/ Blush-bronzer is up next. :)


*I'm pleased to announce that thanks to all you lovelies, I won second in the makeup competition, and will be announcing the giveaway winner in my next post!  Be on the look out for the winner!*


  1. You are such a pro emilyann! So proud. Love you muches!! <3